How to put dates on Instagram Stories photos from the mobile phone?

With each of the updates that Instagram gives us, we are always more satisfied with the functions that this application has, which is why many people have chosen to install the Instagram application on their phones .

How to Put Dates on Photos of Instagram Stories From the Mobile Phone?

The most outstanding options of this application are the wonderful editions that you can make to the photos that you take on Instagram. Among the most used effects on Instagram is the temperature, hashtags, adding your location on Instagram and the date and time. On this occasion, we will teach you how to date the stories you share on Instagram.

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  1. How do you add the time and date to an Instagram story?
    1. Using a mobile phone
    2. From a PC
  2. What to do to change the automatic date provided by Instagram?
    1. from the text
    2. using old photos
  3. How to change the language of the dates offered by Instagram Stories?
  4. How to put the ‘Countdown’ effect on Instagram?

How do you add the time and date to an Instagram story?

On Instagram you can make a large number of edits thanks to the effects and filters that this application brings. Among all those filters is one that allows you to put date and time on your photos . You can choose between whether to put the date or the time and thus remember the exact moment the photo was taken. You can do this regardless of whether you are from your phone or from a computer.

Using a mobile phone

You will open the Instagram application and slide your finger from the left edge of the screen to the right. That way it will load the Instagram camera , there you can take a photo or choose one from your gallery in the lower right corner for you to edit. After choosing the photo that you will edit, you will click on the smiley sticker at the top of the screen.

In this part there will be several options, there you will choose one that is like a digital clock. When you choose it, the photo will appear as a sticker with the time you are taking the photo. After you are satisfied with the place you have given this sticker, you can click on the ready option to finish editing and upload it to your Instagram story for your friends .

From a PC

If you use your computer much more than your phone and want to try to edit a photo from there with Instagram Web, we are sorry to inform you that this will not be possible since the official page of this social network does not load the option to edit photos, not even allows you to upload them from there.

What to do to change the automatic date provided by Instagram?

The effect of placing a date or time on the photos that you will publish on Instagram has a particularity that many people do not like. This is because the time it adds is automatically set by the system and you can’t edit it to the date you want to set it or so it was thought.

Apparently you can add the date and time with the same font types that this effect does or with others that you also like using another Instagram editing option.

from the text

This option is nothing more than adding text to the photos, from here you will be able to place any writing that you want including the date or time and place the one that seems best to you. For this you will have to choose the photo you want to edit or you will take a new one.

Then you will touch the ‘Aa’ icon at the top of the screen. After you press there, the keyboard will appear and you will be able to start writing what you want to add to your photo. In this case it is the date, then you will only have to adjust the size and position that you will give to the writing and when you are satisfied with the result you can click on done and the photo will be finished.

using old photos

This is another valid option since Instagram places the date or time the photo was taken on the photo. That’s why if you choose an old photo from your gallery and decide to put the time effect on it, it will appear with the date of the day it was taken.

For this, it can also work for you to change the date or time on your phone and take a photo with the phone’s camera application and after taking it, color the correct time on your cell phone again. When you do, you can go back to Instagram and edit your photo from there.

How to change the language of the dates offered by Instagram Stories?

If in this case what you want is to change the language of the date of this effect, you will have to do something a bit more complicated, this will be to change the language of Instagram , for this you have to click on your profile photo and when you enter they will click on the three parallel lines in the upper right corner.

When you enter there, you will look for the language option and you will choose the language that best suits you and then you can edit your photo as we have already indicated before. In case you see this very complicated method, you can do it with the option to add writing to the photos and if, for example, the date that you are going to place is going to be in English, you can enter it in the Google translator to know how you will write it and then add it. to writing.

How to put the ‘Countdown’ effect on Instagram?

This other option is also useless because you will have to do almost the same thing that is done when you are going to edit a photo with any other Instagram effect. For this you have to load the camera and after choosing a photo, you will touch the smiley face label at the top of the screen and the different options will load.

Among those options will be the countdown, which you are going to play. After this you can choose the colors and the amount of time that this timer will last, then you can add it to your Instagram story

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