How to see dates and times with milliseconds in Excel

Excel has become the favorite program of all kinds of companies, institutions of various occupations, and all kinds of users. To this software we entrust our finances, data recording and analysis for statistical calculations and a long list of other applications.

This large number of different uses also forces us to have an exact record of the time and date of our activities. By downloading Excel from its website  you will be able to obtain functions that help you mark with all the accuracy that your occupation requires. In addition, you will always have reliable information and updates of its new versions at hand.

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  1. What formulas should you use to round dates and times to milliseconds in Excel?
  2. What is the process to view dates and times with milliseconds in Excel?
    1. From the Excel application on your mobile
    2. With the Excel license on your computer
    3. Using Excel Online
  3. How to know if the dates and times with milliseconds in Excel are correct?

What formulas should you use to round dates and times to milliseconds in Excel?

There are many reasons why you want to know or record the exact date and time of any of your work in Excel. Maybe you want to know the difference of business days between dates or just the current time. For that, this program offers you a number of functions and formulas for each case of your interest. The formula “=NOW()” is specifically used to round dates and times to milliseconds.

You can also calculate weeks between two dates with functions.  With the INT function you can round any number you have. You will find the number of days between two dates and divide it by seven. You will get a decimal number as a result. By applying INT the program will round the number obtained and determine the exact number of weeks.

What is the process to view dates and times with milliseconds in Excel?

In general, our interest in the dates and times of our activity does not go beyond the day and the elapsed time. However, on some very special occasions we may need that calculation in milliseconds. The easiest way is to change the custom number format to this format “hh:mm:ss.000”.

Since Excel represents an hour as a decimal value, you won’t be able to retrieve that value based on calculations of the residuals for that hour. For that you must use a technique that treats that time as a text string that uses some of its characters and then converts them to a numeric value.

These numbers can be very useful in calculating the expiration date of a product. For this you can also use an indicator semaphore in Excel with dates  using the formula “=TODAY() with the current date. She will inform you exactly the time elapsed from the issuance of a product until the moment calculated for its expiration.

From the Excel application on your mobile

Your mobile can become an excellent ally to solve problems using Excel. You can calculate the number of hours worked by your employees without having to be glued to your desk. To make these calculations you first need a geographic locator to know the arrival time of the worker, a list of the different work sites and the time of departure counting the breaks.

You must customize the geolocator with the type of maps you want to use (satellite, normal or hybrid). Add the corresponding labels to be able to easily identify it if you use the satellite view. You must configure the list of sites giving it all the attributes that facilitate its identification, such as names and codes that represent them.

With the Excel license on your computer

The healthiest recommendation is simply to have an official Excel license. To install this program you only need to have your Office 365 subscription and it will be free of charge. This will guarantee the optimal functionality of Excel and you will be able to have reliable access to all its functions with the guarantee of having all the updates of its versions at your immediate disposal.

Using Excel Online

The online version of Excel has the great advantage that it was designed to be used directly from the network. That means you won’t have to download it to your computer. With this version you can work collaboratively in real time and share your spreadsheets with other users. In addition to that you can save your files online using OneDrive and thus save space on your computer.

How to know if the dates and times with milliseconds in Excel are correct?

H2: To verify that the dates and times in Excel are correct, you can do a test using the function validate date input using regular expressions . This can be achieved by using Excel macro code to make the data remain in a predetermined code. You can use regular expressions as templates when searching for matches in texts. These models group all kinds of characters that can describe the patterns of dates and times.

Then define the established codes and generate the pattern to validate the entry of dates. These are presented in the format of day, month, year. This will define the sequence of the codes. The days with the sequence of 0-30, the months two types of sequences. The first with the combination of numbers with 01, 02, 03-09 and the second with 11 and 12. For the years, the formula “{4}” is used, which will represent a four-character format.

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