Time for Dates in the Garden: Main Notes for How to Prepare a Place for the First Date?

Winter dates are great because it’s romantic to snuggle on a couch in front of a TV or spend a weekend in a cabin surrounded by snow. Yet nothing compares to spring and summer dates. Warmer time may not seem romantic, but it gives many chances for special dates. Spending time in a beautiful garden with someone you’ve met online is one of the best first-date scenarios.

Public gardens usually aren’t crowded, and private gardens are, well, private. It means no one can disturb a couple sitting under a blooming tree. We won’t talk about public places because you can’t do anything more than enjoy your time in such gardens. But, those lucky enough to have a garden at home can turn it into a sanctuary of love. Or lust.

Garden as a Romantic Place for a Successful Date Night

It should be obvious why gardens are perfect for romantic date nights. Scents, shapes, colors, textures… Everything adds up and creates a bubble around a couple, so it’s easy to feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. However, not every garden is suitable for a date.

And no, a flat piece of concrete with a batch of grass and a tree isn’t a garden. We’re talking about real gardens with different plants, areas, and carefully placed decorations. Such places are perfect for first dates. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • There are always many conversation-starters in every garden – an unusual plant, pretty rock, water element, etc.
  • It’s easier to relax when you’re (kinda) in nature – having complete privacy doesn’t hurt either.
  • You have a home-field advantage – or your potential partner has, but it’s better than sitting in a bar.
  • Nature is the best wingman – a sky full of stars, strong scents, freshly mown grass…no one stays cold in such an environment, especially those who like gardening.

But it’s not always easy to meet people with the same interests. That’s why it’s crucial to use all available resources. And it’s even more important to use them in the right way. Let us show you how to instantly get more messages and dates from any dating platform.

From Online Chatting to the First Date in the Garden.

Dating sites aren’t charity. It’s not like everyone who creates a profile gets dates as a participation reward. Luckily, turning a profile made on an adult dating site to find a local hookup into a tool for getting quick dates isn’t that difficult. The site lets members share a lot of personal info on their profiles, making their chances to appear in search results much better.

People are browsing based on location, age, interests, etc. The more someone shares, the better their chances are. But it’s not just about satisfying the algorithm.Revealing things about yourself gives like-minded people opportunities to relate. And…it helps them to write better ice-breakers on chat.

Chat is the next step in the dating world. It’s like watering a plant after planting it. People need attention, the same as plants. Even on hookup sites, it’s common to chat for a couple of days before meeting in person. When two people who love gardening find each other online, they don’t realize how fast time flies on chat. In such cases, asking to meet in person on a date in a garden comes naturally. It’s the logical next step after establishing a connection online.

But remember to share enough about yourself. Soley uploading a photo isn’t enough anymore. Not even on hookup sites because no one just wants to have sex. Everyone wants to hook up with someone they like physically and mentally. Sharing a hobby, gardening, for example, is the perfect excuse for spending a naughty night in someone’s garden.

Tips to Plan Your Dream Garden.

You know that there are levels in gardening and not every garden is good. Everything is better than nothing, but those who want to enrich their love lives by using their gardens should pay attention to details. Before doing anything, consider the following things:

  • Local climate – you can’t just take every plant you like and throw it in your garden. Some plants can’t survive where you live. Trying to make a tropical garden in a desert is silly. It can be done but costs a lot of time and money. So it’s always better to go with plants that want (and can) live in your local climate.
  • Amount of your free time – plants are alive and need care. Busy people can’t afford to have high-maintenance gardens. In such cases, gardening turns from a relaxing hobby into a dutty. Pick plants that don’t need watering every day or trimming every weekend if you’re busy.
  • Budget – gardening isn’t the most expensive hobby, but it’s far from free. Depending on the plants and elements, decorating a garden can cost a fortune. If you’re working with a limited budget, you’ll have to cross some expensive stuff off your list. But there are always alternatives and DIY solutions, so you can still kinda get what you want.

Sitting Areas

Gardens are there to keep us connected with nature, to give us a magical space to relax. Most people like to sit or lay down while relaxing. So having sitting areas in the garden is a must! Depending on the design and size, there can be one or more sitting areas.

There are easy and affordable solutions, such as plastic lawn furniture. They can still look good in the garden, but choosing wooden or metal furniture makes a garden look more classy.

Now, let’s talk about elements every romantic garden should have to fulfill its purpose.

Yet, you can have sitting areas without buying them. You can build them. Building concrete or stone tables and surrounding them with small walls instead of chairs is a great way to get durable sitting areas in gardens. If you live in an area with a lot of stones, using them to build sitting areas is more affordable. It also looks better because your sitting area will look like it belongs in your garden.


Candles make dinners more romantic; lights do the same in gardens. Including carefully placed lights in your design will bring the whole place to another level. Highlighting the best features will make your date ask questions about your dearest plants or sculptures. That comes in handy on first dates because they’re notorious for being killed by awkward silences.


Every garden needs a water feature. It doesn’t have to be a pond big enough to fit a great white shark, but at least a small fountain should be there. Listening to water is one of the most relaxing activities anyone can do. In gardens, we combine that with sounds and scents of nature. Not many places have that level of romantic potential as gardens.


Gardens without plants aren’t gardens, so you have to find those that can thrive in your garden. Plants aren’t cheap, but there are ways to save money. One of the simplest is buying smaller plants and waiting for them to grow. If you’ve ever bought a tree, you know how expensive they are. Getting a small one might not have the same effect in the garden, but the time will pass, and the tree will grow. Best of all, it will grow thanks to you, making your garden even more special.

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