Crossfit: efficient weight loss exercises

Slimming healthily and maintaining the body’s balance effectively is something that began to be worked with the Crossfit method. Developed in the United States, Crossfit came to Brazil and quickly became popular through training that seeks exclusively physical conditioning.

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While normal gyms work separate activities, such as strengthening muscles or gymnastics to solve certain physical problems, Crossfit presents a unified system that works all the functions of the body at the same time, and seeks to simultaneously increase muscle endurance, strength and flexibility , while also training balance, agility, concentration and coordination.

In this way, whoever practices the method will develop physical conditioning in a complete way, benefiting from all the advantages of different physical activities. However, Crossfit is a method of heavy training that requires willingness and persistence to withstand the intensity and then enjoy the results in quality of life and weight loss.

How to lose weight with the Crossfit method

Adopting the Crossfit method does not necessarily require the user to attend a specialized gym on the subject. The exercises practiced  are common and can be done at home  (7 types of exercises to lose weight at home) , as long as the frequency and intensity of each battery of activities is respected, as the results will depend exclusively on how the training is viewed.

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Who wants to lose weight can find the definitive solution to the problem through the Crossfit method. To lose the extra pounds, the user must invest in the mixture of aerobic and anaerobic activities , because while the first is efficient in burning fats, the second is ideal to strengthen the muscles and bring the desired aspect to the body. (What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises?)

However, the method requires that the training be obeyed at the indicated frequency, and with an agile performance of each exercise. For this, it is necessary to have discipline and face the activities until the end, because only those who adopt the method in a serious way can reap the desired results.

Combination of exercises:

As Crossfit aims to work all aspects of physical activity to provide an improvement in physical fitness, the exercises mix aerobic activities with weight training exercises. In the beginning, it is important to do only one type of exercise, such as starting with anaerobics and in the second training, go to aerobic activities.

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After the body is used to the method, the user can then begin to mix the two activities in the same training. However, Crossfit cannot lose intensity because it is the most important part of achieving faster results.

Exercise Series:

Aerobics :

  • Running
    • Walking
    • Skipping rope
    • Burpee

Anaerobic :

  • Sit-up
    • Squat
    • Push-ups

Accelerated training:

Acceleration is the big secret of Crossfit, as the method works on agility while training physical conditioning. The first workouts can be just weight training and in a second moment only aerobic exercises. However, the challenge is to try to do the series of activities in the shortest possible time.

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Start your workout with push-ups, squats and sit-ups, try to do each exercise in record time. For example, 5 push-ups quickly, 10 squats and 15 sit-ups in the shortest possible time. The process is the same with aerobic activities and when interweaving the two types of activities.

  • Training 1: 3 sets of 5 push-ups, 10 squats and 15 sit-ups.
  • Training 2: 150 meters of running, 150 rope jumps and 10 Burpees.
  • Training 3: 15 push-ups, 50 rope jumps, 30 sit-ups.

From the third workout it is possible to start to intercalate the activities, but always taking care that the workouts are intense. After each activity, rest for a minute and start practicing again, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

The advantages of Crossfit

  1. It is a method with proven efficiency, as it acts differently from conventional gyms and provides a high development of physical conditioning.
  2. For those who want to lose weight, Crossfit is one of the best ways, as it works in all areas of physical activity in alternate training.
  3. There are many gyms specialized in the subject, but the exercises can be done at home, providing total comfort when fighting the extra pounds.
  4. In addition to losing weight, the method provides complete maintenance of the body, as it fights cardiovascular diseases, improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the body.
  5. Crossfit is also a great method for people who do not find the desired results in normal gyms. By working on different types of exercises at the same time, users can achieve more than the initial goals.


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