What is Corona Virus (CoV)? Way to stay alert and healthy

The Corona Virus (CoV) is a member of a large virus group. The virus can cause a variety of terrible diseases, ranging from common cold cough. Some of the deadliest diseases from the corona virus include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) . The new corona virus that is currently in China has created an atmosphere of terror all over the world2019 – Novel coronavirus (nCoV).

The onset of corona virus (CoV):

Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS-CoV ) was diagnosed with coronavirus in China, the disease was first diagnosed with cat in the human body in 2001. Another deadly disease, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ( MERS-CoV ), was first diagnosed. Later in Saudi Arabia in 2002, the disease spread through camels to human flesh.

Of the present 2019 – Novel coronavirus (nCoV)At first glance, on December 25th , the place: Wuhan Province, China . It is not yet clear exactly which animal came from the human body. As the virus is new and its symptoms are associated with common cold, the disease spreads to other provinces of China, including China, and later to other countries around the world, before receiving the necessary precautions.

Treatment and cure:

Sadly, until now (at the time of writing this article) no proven drug or vaccine has been developed. Although scientists and physicians from all the developed countries of the world, including China, have been working day and night to fight the virus, and the WHO (World Health Organization) is cooperating in this effort .

Special measures have been taken to treat people who are infected with the disease, and special precautions are being taken to prevent other people from transmitting the disease. It is hoped that this tireless work of scientists will soon reach success.

Whatever you do to stay healthy:

Since the disease is still confined to certain areas, by following certain precautions, we can prevent the spread of the disease to a great extent and keep ourselves and the surrounding people healthy and safe.

There are some precautions taken by the WHO (World Health Organization) to help you protect yourself from the virus. Here’s how:

১. Hand wash:

From time to time, wash hands with soap, water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. As a result, if you have any virus in your hand, it will not enter the body.

  1. Stay clear if coughing:

If you have a cold cough, always use handkerchiefs or tissue, apply a mask on the face, cover your mouth with coughs, cuffs, spit and place them on the spot. Wash your nose or mouth with soap.

. Maintain Distance From Sick People:

Maintain a distance of at least 5 feet from the patient who has the symptoms of such a disease, in which the chances of infection are very low.

. Eyes touch the nose face:

Do not wash your hands with clean hands or wash your hands, because our hands touch many unclean places, so they can enter the body through the nose or mouth.

. Doctor’s advice:

Cold cough fever occurs in winter, but in the present case, if you notice any symptoms of such a disease, seek the advice of a doctor, and if you have gone somewhere outside the country within a short period of time, inform the doctor.

. Avoid contact with animals:

Animal birds are very dear to many people and which is very natural. But keep in mind that since the Corona group virus is zoonotic in nature, that is, from animal birds to human bodies, avoid contact with the animals without much need to keep yourself and the rest healthy. If you have a adopted dog or cat at home, wash your hands well with soap after coming in contact with them.

. Cook like a meal:

Eat only any animal food, especially meat that is well cooked. Avoid eating dead animal meat because of illness or illness.

There is no doubt that this corona virus is currently the cause of worldwide alarm. Many people have been victims of the virus and some have lost their lives. Doctors are doing their job, the governments of all countries are trying their best to protect the citizens of their country, so we should do our duty to cope with this disease.

Respond to the WHO warning and inform the rest. Do not listen to any rumors regarding the Corona virus, only follow scientifically proven methods and follow the advice given by doctors. Hopefully the world gets rid of this deadly virus soon.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is regularly updating all information about the Corona virus on their official website, so that people around the world can find out and take the necessary precautions. We have discussed various information provided by WHO so far in this article, you can follow the Corona virus updates on the World Health Organization’s official website by clicking this link for more details and regular updates

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