The role of the family in the proper mental development of the child

The role of the family in the proper mental development of the child

Speaking of which, the child’s first educational institution is his family. Therefore, a child’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and so on development begins within the family. In the present digital age, a study has emerged that people’s mental problems are growing like an infectious disorder. Therefore, if the child can develop a balanced mentality from an early age, then in future life, the child will be able to be established as a healthy strong social person by facing various mental problems. And these emotional aspects can develop in a single family environment.

In the present era, communication between family members is diminishing due to social media, dependency on the device and lack of communication. The impact of which is remembered in the children of Sukhmal. As a result, children suffer from various mental disorders and become addicted to mobile games, video games, antisocial thoughts, addiction to drugs. Many times, seeing a child from outside does not make sense. Nor do many give special treatment when it is understood. But it is important to remember that a healthy family environment, such as nutritious food, keeps the body healthy. Therefore, the importance of the mental development of the child is very important today.

Let’s take a look at how many things can be adjusted to improve the child’s emotional development within the family –

১. Open Discussion: –

It is important to remember that no open wounds are accumulated in the mind if openly discussed. Many people may have the pain of not complaining too much. If each family member speaks openly, the effect is bound to affect the child. As a result, the child will openly talk about his or her schoolmates or teacher educators – thus creating no hidden emotions or wounds inside.

2. Games and Storytelling: –

I’m spending a lot of money for you, how many expensive toys do I buy ‘- what is more important than these words of friends – not expensive toys – to be mates. A lot of teaching is also made possible by playing with young children. Children need to remember that children are not expensive toys – more expensive toys are needed.
Earlier, children could hear stories of grandma, grandfather and grandfather’s stories. In the present age, those opportunities are far less. Children love to hear stories. Their imaginative minds can propagate through the story. As a result, the child’s mental strength is strengthened.

৩. Creative work or toys: –

Baby toys need to be inventive, dramatic and creative. Creating something is of interest to children. The family will have to play an important role in selecting toys that are suitable for the physical and mental development of the child. Toys that will help the child’s emotional development. Sometimes even simple household items can become a fun game. When you make bread, say with an oyster neck what you can make with it. You will see how many snake frogs are coming into their imagination which will try to make them real.

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৪. Reading Books: –

There is no option to read the book. Reading a book expands a child’s emotional development and increases his ability to express his mind. As a child, it is necessary to develop the habit of reading books as well as teaching books. Occasionally, children will have to give gifts of various kinds of funny storytelling. This will increase the children’s interest in reading books as well as increase the child’s intelligence.

৫. Dignity: –

But we often ignore children’s wishes and feelings without hurting them. The small ones make fun of their decisions or suggestions. It hurt his child’s mind. Gradually, they lost their decision-making power. The child’s thinking ability will only increase if his / her opinion is prioritized from childhood, given their dignity. They too will learn to respect others. The family should try to hear and understand the words of the children.

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৬. Drawing pictures, etc.: –

Children’s mental health improves through the practice of art. As his imagination grows by drawing pictures, the pressure on his mind is greatly reduced by listening to music. Listening to music releases a hormone called dopamine from the brain that stimulates the child to stimulate. As a result, children learn to think and think extraordinary. Became interested in solving new problems. So from an early age, you should be introduced to pictures and music.

৭. Spend more time: –

Nowadays parents have to spend most of their day at work. As a result, children do not get the proper closeness to their parents. Many people feel tired as a result of the day-to-day activities, some of the mood becomes irritated, then the children become more hurt, loneliness on the children. Thousands of questions arise in her child’s mind. Gradually his mental health began to deteriorate. So no matter how busy, parents should spend quality time with their children. The family should also open their minds.

In addition to these things, there are a number of other things to keep an eye on – punishing or rebuking if you fail. And the bond between family members needs to be remembered also affects the child’s mind. So there can be quarreling among themselves but no one should say such things – things that can be hurt if children learn. A child’s friendly and sweet relationship brings happiness and security to the child.


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