Here are some ways to relieve cough. Home Remedies for Cough

Coughing cough creates a very disturbing situation. Cough or cough constantly cough. During this time of winter or spring, most people suffer from cough cough. Cough is usually caused by a cold or flu. However, in many cases, allergies, asthma, pneumonia, smoking, dry weather also causes cough. Many times it is seen that fever, cold, cough and chest are nothing but cough cough. This cough does not cuff.

But this cough does not want to go away easily for two to three weeks. Which creates a very uncomfortable situation. There are some natural ways that can be taken to prevent this cough from scratching. Let’s know some home remedies for coughing: –

. Basil leaves: –

In the case of cough, the basil leaf is a drug. If you have cough, chew three or four basil leaves daily. You can mix the basil leaves or basil leaves with tea and mix them with some honey. Coughing two to three times a day will reduce cough faster.

  1. Honey: –

Honey helps reduce cough. Studies show that honey sometimes works better than drugs. Honey also helps reduce cough. Every morning, a single hunk of honey quickly cures cough. Although honey is an ideal drug for cough or cold, experts advise children not to eat honey below the age of one year.

. Ginger: –

Ginger should be sliced ​​into small pieces and mixed with salt. Ginger is very effective in reducing cough. Apart from this, cough mixed with ginger in tea can cure cough faster.

. Living Page: –

Cough cough is cured if the resident leaves can absorb the juice of water. Drink this water every morning. Living leaf juice is good every evening. It gets very good results in 2-3 days.

. Cloves: –

If you cough, swallow the juice with a clove in the mouth, occasionally with a little pressure. The anti-bacterial properties present in cloves play a crucial role in killing any kind of germ. As a result, there are quick benefits.

. Googling: –

When we have cough problems with cough, our throat pain starts to feel throat pain. Cough and sore throat can be reduced both by gurgle or kulikuchi. Lightly rinse with a little salt gurgle in hot water, it reduces cough very quickly and relieves throat pain. This is a very effective domestic method to reduce cough.

Bath in mild hot water: –

Bathing in warm hot water daily will reduce the cough and dry cough and cough.


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