How to Disable CCleaner Alert Popup in Windows 10/8

CCleaner has a reputation as one of the best utilities for removing unwanted Windows files.It will help you free up space by automatically deleting junk files created by Windows programs and other third-party software. It also cleans up traces of your online activities such as the Internet. At the same time, however, the system is faced with one problem – it often displays a warning about system and active monitoring pop-up windows .

UPDATE : The latest version of CCleaner v 5.47 Portable fixes these pop-ups. However, you can take a look at these settings:

  • Under Preferences> Preferences, uncheck Inform me about CCleaner updates.
  • Under Settings> Privacy, uncheck Help improve CCleaner by submitting anonymous usage data.

Typically, CCleaner’s alert pop-up appears due to the active monitoring feature enabled, which runs in the background and displays alert messages when junk files exceed 500MB. This annoying problem can be solved simply by increasing the default 500 MB limit to 2 GB or more. But there is one catch: the option to change the limit is only available in CCleaner Professional and CCleaner Professional Plus.

However, users who have CCleaner Free installed and want to fix this problem can do so using the steps mentioned below in the guide.

Disable CCleaner Alert Popup

First open the CCleaner window. Once there, click the Settings icon located in the left pane of the window and click the Monitoring tab.

Then on the right side of the Monitoring tab, just uncheck the following 2 options.

  1. Enable system monitoring
  2. Enable active monitoring.

The System Monitor option will monitor your computer and determine if it is useful after cleaning. Active Monitoring allows CCleaner Free to monitor your installation in the background for any updates or new releases, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest updates.

Once you uncheck these options, a confirmation dialog will appear on your computer screen. Click the Yes button.

This is it! CCleaner will stop bothering you with the Alert popup.

After you disable the active monitoring system, you will notice that the CCleaner Alert popup stops appearing at regular intervals, but even the CCleaner icon disappears from the taskbar area. This shouldn’t pose any problems for the user, as you can always manually start CCleaner and scan the system to clean up unnecessary files

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