Christian Bible Reading

We Christians read the Bible, not out of curiosity, but to expose our lives to the light of Christ. It allows us to better understand the background on which Jesus of Nazareth (AT) stands out and the effect that He had on those who knew and followed Him (NT). That is why, when reading this sacred book, we must ask ourselves: “What light does this Jesus of the Bible shine on my life here and now?” “How is my life in His light?” “How can I repeat the Psalms of the people of Israel with Him?” “‘What does my professional or family life mean in the light of the Beatitudes?” “What does His redemptive cross mean to me not only for me, but for those who make up human society and the community of faith with me?”

The Bible is very important in catechesis, because it contains the first words of the faith. The Christian who realizes the great lessons of the Bible drinks the fundamental truth in Jesus of Nazareth: His Covenant, His love, the foundation of the new community. Without this, catechesis is nothing more than a construction without depth, shaken by the first wind, as seen today.

This implies the study and deepening of the Bible of all who want to know this treasure, according to the possibilities of each one. However, the place, par excellence, to feed ourselves with the Bible is the “table of the Word”, so richly provided, to which the Sunday liturgy invites us. The Word illuminates life, and life illuminates the meaning of the Word.


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