The presence of angels in the story of Sara and Tobias

Of all the stories in the Bible , the most beautiful, concerning angels, is the one told in the book of Tobias:

Tobit, Tobias’s father , was a good man. At that time, God’s people were brought into slavery by a foreign nation. Tobit suffered a lot! He was a righteous man, dedicated to helping and encouraging his brothers when persecuted. Many even died. Tobit, with immense pity, buried their bodies in secret, because the kings of that people did not even let them be buried.

Illustrative photo: Alonso Miguel de Tovar (1678 – 1752)

Because of such great charity, Tobit was continually being persecuted. He suffered a lot! He got sick and ended up losing his sight. It was impossible to understand the reason for all that, as he was serving the Lord in his brothers; and the more he served Him, the more misfortunes happened to him. Tobit then raised a great plea to the Lord asking him to intervene.

God began to act: at the same time, a young woman, named Sara, lived with an afflicted heart, for she had been married seven times and each time her husbands died before joining her; an evil spirit tormented her and made it so. One day, a servant insulted her saying: “You are the one who kills your husbands! There are already seven to whom you have been given and you have not used the name of one! ” (Tb 3.8b). Sara, who was God-fearing, raised a beautiful plea to Him.

What does the Bible tell us?

It happened that – as the scriptures report -, “at the same time, their prayer was heard in the presence of the glory of God, and Raphael was sent to heal both” (Tb 3: 16-17a).

Tobias, Tobit’s son, never thought of Sara. Likewise, Sara had never thought about Tobias. The two were separated by long distances. The prayer united them before God and the Angel Raphael was sent to heal them. Likewise, our prayers do not go unanswered; just like with Tobit and Sara.

After that, Tobit felt an inspiration: without knowing why, he decided to collect an old debt from a man. Then he said to his son Tobias: “My son, go to this man who lives very far away. We have many needs, and I have a paper here that shows that he owes me money. Go there and collect it. I know the Lord will touch his heart, and he will pay ”.

Tobias, very troubled, said to him: “But, my father, I do not know this man and he does not know me; I don’t know the way, either. What do I do?”. Tobit replies: “My son, look for a good and honorable man in the city who can lead you”.

Tobias obeyed his father and did as he asked. On the way, Tobias met a handsome young man, equipped for a trip and, without knowing he was an angel of God, he greeted him, and they started a conversation. That boy was actually the angel Rafael. Tobias only saw a handsome, strong, robust boy, prepared with all the equipment for the trip. In the conversation, he learned that Rafael was going precisely in that direction and then asked him to take him to the man’s house where he was to collect. Tobias introduced him to his father and he blessed him.

During the trip, many things happened; among them, at a time when they were resting by a river, a fish attacked Tobias. Rafael gave him the following guidance: “Take this fish and remove the gall from it, as it will be the medicine for your father”. Rafael also told Tobias about a girl named Sara, the daughter of a relative of his father’s name, Raguel, and invited him to come home together. Once there, Tobias introduced himself and told about his father, causing immense joy in Raguel, who had not seen any of his relatives in a long time. There was a big party!

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Raguel was so delighted with Tobias that he offered his daughter, Sara, in marriage . Tobias accepted and the wedding took place that same night. For three nights, they just slept together, praying to the Lord, waiting for the time to be able to come together as husband and wife. Then they returned home, and the first thing Tobias did was take the fish’s gall and put it in his father’s eyes, as Rafael had said. The father was miraculously healed!

Tobit is delighted and says to Tobias: ‘We must give this boy a reward. He was so good to us, that we will give half of what we got from my debtor ”. When they go to make the payment, Rafael told them the truth:

“I will communicate the whole truth to you, without hiding anything. When you prayed, as did Sarah, it was I who presented the memorial of your prayer in the presence of the glory of the Lord, as well as when you buried the dead. When you did not hesitate to get up and leave your dinner to go and bury the dead man, at that moment I was sent to you to test you. But at the same time, God sent me to heal you, as well as Sara, your daughter-in-law. I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who assist before the glory of the Lord and have access to his presence ”(Tb 12,11a.12-15).

Prayer is the way to God

With these facts, we have learned a number of lessons: it is very important to understand that what happened to them was not receiving a reward for being good people. Our angel is with us in all our needs. It is up to us to open our hearts in prayer. And as with Sarah and Tobias, God sends his angels to our aid. Therefore, prayer was fundamental!

Perhaps, in your home, there is a lot of confusion, people who don’t understand each other, fights, infidelities, economic problems , children who work, drinking and drugs … And you don’t know how to solve these problems. It is necessary, then, that your home becomes a sanctuary of prayer.


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