Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen in Batuco (Chile)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel . Catholic worship site located in the town of Batuco, Chile . It belongs to the Diocese of Talca, under the patronage of Nuestra Señora del Carmen . It was declared a National Monument of Chile in 2008 .


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Located in the town of Batuco, commune of Pencahue , province of Curicó in the Maule region , Chile.


The land for the construction of the chapel was donated by neighbors Feliciano Bustos, Cecilio Bravo and Eleuterio Méndez in 1898 . Later, the school and the health clinic were built around the church , so the sector became the civic center of the town.

The earthquake of February 2010 caused damage to the church which made its back wall and the parish house collapse, detaching a large part of the buttresses.

In 2014 , the temple restoration project was executed, carried out by the MOP’s Architecture Department, which involved an investment of close to $1,164 million pesos provided by the Regional Government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The works rebuilt pillars and roofs with coihue and raulí wood.


The chapel built in adobe with a clay tile roof, has a narrow nave and a portico that is formed by the projection of its side walls. With its corridor and secondary rooms, it forms an access plaza in front of the route that connects Talca and Curepto .

National Monument

The church was declared a National Monument of Chile in the category of Historical Monument, through Exempt Decree No. 2658, of August 28, 2008.


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