Los Perales Chapel (Chile)

Chapel of Los Perales . Religious building of Catholic worship located in the commune of Quilpué , Chile . It was declared a National Monument in 2008 . It belongs to the Diocese of Valparaíso.


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Located in the town of Los Perales, commune of Quilpué in the province of Marga Marga , Valparaíso region , Chile.


In the mid- nineteenth century , the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts arrived in Los Perales, and in 1890 it became their house of formation, where Chilean and French religious converge, work that they combined with agricultural work and wine production.

In a sector adjacent to the convent, the chapel was built, whose works were directed by the priest Sebastián Solery, and it was inaugurated on September 18, 1900 , with the presence of the President of the Republic, Federico Errázuriz Echaurren .

The complex worked until 1965 , the year in which an earthquake completely destroyed the convent and left the chapel with serious structural damage, for which it was forced to close.

The 2010 earthquake worsened the deterioration of the building, so in 2012 a reconstruction project began that reinforced the structure with concrete , murals on the ceiling were rescued and several stained glass windows were rebuilt . In addition, the plan considered converting about 500 meters of the environment into a square of green areas and trails.


The chapel is in the neo-Romanesque style, it was built with bricks , oak beams and limestone , it has a central nave with 18 columns and semicircular arches, and a large mural on its ceiling, made by the Italian artist Pablo Gennai. .

National Monument

The church was declared a National Monument of Chile in the category of Historical Monument, through Exempt Decree No. 3841, of December 22, 2008 , due to its relevant architectural value.


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