La Dormida Chapel of Olmué (Chile)

Chapel of La Dormida . Catholic worship building located in the commune of Olmué , Chile . It was declared a National Monument of Chile in 1989 , together with its stands and the adjacent cemetery . It belongs to the Diocese of Valparaíso.


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Located at the foot of Cuesta La Dormida, Olmué commune, Marga Marga province , Valparaíso region , Chile.


The conquistador Pedro de Valdivia traveled from Santiago to the village of Tiltil, where, accompanied by several of his officers, he crossed the Cordillera de la Costa in order to reach the shortest route to the sea. This entourage spent the night on land where the chapel is located, naming the sector La Dormida. The chapel was founded by Pedro de Valdivia in February 1541 , being an obligatory stop for those who made the route between the capital and the Pacific Ocean .

The Camino Real de La Dormida became the main route that linked Santiago with the port of Valparaíso, as well as with the Marga Marga gold pans. Likewise, it was used to exchange mining resources from the Norte Chico and agricultural resources from the central zone. In the year 1795 , Governor Ambrosio O’Higgins opened a new route to Valparaíso , through the Casablanca Valley , leaving the route through La Dormida displaced.

After the 2010 earthquake , the chapel’s facade was damaged, so a project was carried out to find out the state of conservation of the temple, carried out by DuocUC teachers and students.


The colonial-style architecture chapel has stone foundations with thick adobe walls and wooden trusses .

National Monument

Together with its stands and the adjacent cemetery, it was declared a National Monument of Chile, in the category of Historical Monument, through Supreme Decree No. 20, of January 4, 1989. The chapel is one of the symbols of Olmué’s identity. .


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