Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen de Ultracautín (Chile)

Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen . Religious building of Catholic worship located in the commune of Lautaro , Chile . It was declared a National Monument in 2013 . It belongs to the Diocese of Temuco.


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Located on Barros Arana Street No. 659, Ultracautín town, Lautaro commune in the Araucanía region , Chile.


In the mid- 19th century , the Franciscan and Capuchin orders arrived in Araucanía with the aim of educating and evangelizing the local population.

The Capuchin mission of Ultracautín was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the Apostolic Prefect of Araucanía, Burcardo María de Röttingen.

The chapel was built between 1925 and 1927 and officially opened in 1930 . The work was carried out by Father Wolfram de Yohannes Brumm, while the painting of the walls and ceiling is by Friar Tomás de Augusta, with the collaboration of his assistants.

The 2010 earthquake damaged the church, so it had to be restored. These works were completed in 2015 , with financing from the National Fund for Local Development.

Religious holiday

The festivity of the Virgen del Carmen is celebrated in the month of July with a large turnout of the faithful, mass , procession , religious songs and dances.


Ornamental and constructive details typical of the churches built in La Araucanía at the beginning of the 20th century predominate in its architecture .

The chapel, built in pellín oak, clad in wood , has a basilica floor plan, a gabled roof and a bell tower. Inside it presents simple ceilings and columns, highlighting the polychrome work . In addition, it has very well-made carpentry elements , including a spiral staircase that leads to the choir area, and a communion rail made in workshops in the Padre Las Casas district, from where a large part of the church’s furniture comes.

Its exterior is covered with corrugated metal plates.

National Monument

The church was declared a National Monument of Chile in the category of Historical Monument, through Decree No. 446 of August 19, 2013 for its historical, architectural and cultural value.


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