Why can’t good boys catch up with girls? Two solutions help boys solve this problem

Many people like good boys, but they often run into trouble on the road of chasing girls. Why? The reason lies in the behavior of those good boys:

1. Too much care about girls’ thoughts

They tend to have little emotional experience, and the education they receive from childhood is to treat girls well, and girls everywhere, but unfortunately, many people’s education does not mention the truth of the opposite. These boys also did not think clearly about being good to girls. , What is the limit for girls, so such scenes often happen:

1. Blindly cater to the girls’ ideas, no matter what the girls say, there is no objection, it looks like you are more like her response bug rather than an independent individual

2. No matter what the girl asks, she agrees unconditionally, even when she has nothing to do

“Those who need it must find me”

“As long as you have something, you can find me anytime”

“I’ll help you with this matter”

When you pay more frequently and cheaply, and getting you becomes a breeze, what value do you have?

2. Overpay

Such people often have such characteristics. They like to give girls something when they have nothing to do, or they often see if the girls need help, even if the girls have made it clear that they don’t need them, they still want to try to pay.

Have you ever wondered what this behavior looks like?

“Come and come to the boss, your shoulders are sore, I will rub it for you”, “Here is a drink, let me be thirsty” In fact, the ultimate goal is –

No matter what you ask me to do, as long as you can promise me. Excessive giving can often only bring pressure to girls, because she knows that your giving is only increasing the bargaining chip for her to choose you “I can be obedient and willing to give gifts, choose me quickly”

3. Too early to confess

Good boys often confess in a hurry when girls have not shown a good impression on them, for fear that girls don’t know they like her, but how smart are girls?

She can see your thoughts from your behavioral language. She just wants to give you a chance and hope to keep you as a friend without breaking it.

But after you confessed, how should she get along with you?

Every minute and every second with you has become an investigation of “whether he is suitable to be my lover”, and the original relaxed and happy environment disappeared.

If you are not 100% sure, the confession is more likely to be a “suicide attack” rather than the “charging horn” imagined by many “good boys”.

Although “good boys” have various shortcomings due to the influence of education and environment, they also have many advantages that “bad men” do not have: single-mindedness, long-term love, and respect for girls.

But I don’t know if you have discovered that these good qualities can only be revealed after the pursuit of girls is successful. It seems that there is no help in the process of pursuing girls, and even has a counter effect:

“Singularity” has become worthless, “long love” is seen as entanglement, and “respect” is seen as having no interest. . .

Why do the advantages of good boys become disadvantages in the eyes of girls?

The most fundamental reason is-not attractive


plan A-guide girls to give

Why do we like that girl the more we chase, and the more precious she is to me?

There is a saying that “the time and emotions I have devoted to you make you precious to me”. The roses in the world are all the same, but because this one is raised by you, it becomes Different, no longer the same as those roses, but a rose that belongs to you alone.

The same is true for girls. If she spends time and emotional costs on you, she will care about you more. The more you care about you, the more likely you will be with her.

For example, when you do her a favor, don’t say “it’s okay, it’s all I should”, so that she won’t remember what you paid, because she didn’t give anything, and people will always get something for free. disregard.

Try another method-“I can help you, please invite me to dinner”, use a similar equivalent to show your value, but don’t go too far, the value of what you ask for is far higher than the value you paid , So as not to backfire.

In this way, you can not only deepen the impression in the hearts of girls, but also have a dinner with the girls you like. Why not?

For another example, guide girls to invest emotionally while chatting

“I can send you my picture, but you have to call my little brother.”

The main point of guiding emotional investment is that you have to be valuable, you can’t empty the white wolf, and you have to have points that can attract girls. For example, if she is interested in your musical instrument performance, your photos, your dance, and singing, you can Take this as an opportunity,

Guide girls to invest in your emotions. When she finds that she is spending more and more emotions on you, and even when she always thinks of you, you will not be far away.

plan B-keep a sense of mystery

Girls are animals with a particularly strong curiosity. They are always curious about things and want to explore.

If a man wants to arouse a girl’s interest, he has to be irregular occasionally to bring her curiosity, make her wonder what you are thinking, and make her always think of “Eh, why is this person like this” what”

Here is a major drawback of those “good boys”:

She always has no reservations about girls, she knows everything she asks, and she is always afraid that she doesn’t understand the supplement over and over again. Think about it, when you fully understand a person, do you still want to upgrade your relationship with him?

Everything about him is known to you, so do you still want him?

We want to be with someone largely because I want to know her, her past, her future, her character, her relationship.

This is especially true for girls. Keeping a sense of mystery makes her want to understand and want to pursue the best law of attraction.


“Miss Sister, who have you been with 521?”

“I do not know”

Don’t agree at this time, comfort, “That’s so pitiful” “Let me accompany you”, this will only arouse the disgust of girls.

Change the strategy a little bit, “How do you know my name is not known”

When you ask the previous sentence, the girl already feels that you want to please her, but suddenly the role reverses and starts to tease her, making her unable to guess what you are thinking. The mystery brought by the contrast is enough to evoke Girls’ interest.

Skin a little when you are serious, and be serious when you are not serious. Many boys are not liked by girls because they are too rigid. They dare not even make a joke, and they can’t arouse girls’ emotions at all.

Why are so many “bad men” always sought after?

It’s because they “broke the rules”-being naughty when it should be serious, and being serious when it should be naughty, people can’t figure out what he was thinking.

I don’t know if you have ever seen a TV series like this:

When a girl keeps thinking about the same boy, she is probably about to fall in love with him.


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