How to change as a straight man to gain the favor of girls?

Do girls really hate straight guys by nature? In fact, they are not. What girls really hate are straight guys who have no opinion, no temper, no personal ideals, and go around girls all day.

Such a straight man, no matter how nice you are to this girl, she will feel “you are not worthy of her, everything you do is just to make up for your loss.” And those who can really handle girls, especially girls with princess disease, are often straight men with strong paternality.

The love of a mature man is never an unanticipated promise, let alone a so-called sweet talk. It looks hard on the surface, but the love for you in my heart is soft and endless.

What does a failed straight man look like?

Choosing to sacrifice oneself for the sake of love, and continue to live as the partner requires.

No career, no ideals, no ambitions, then you have no admiration or awe in the eyes of girls. You always want to please, but always unpleasant.

You always sacrifice yourself for love. In the end, one of you is exhausted, but the other is not.

And what does a successful straight man look like?

I can love you very much, but I’m sorry I won’t be used to you, you can’t be my world. In my world, there are still ideals, life and self.

And what does a good girl care about?

It’s not money, status, or fame or fortune. It’s whether you are a man of arrogance, whether you are the shining man who is worthy of your life.

To tell the truth, being a straight man with attitude, ideals, and action is actually more deadly to girls than a warm man who can talk and take care of others.

Do you know? The more girls who have experienced things, the more they like what kind of boys?

They are often the men who are mature and stable on the outside, who are vigorous and vigorous, and sometimes hard on the inside, making people both funny and helpless.

In his own way, a man taught girls how to be strong and grow up. A man insisted on his original intention and told the woman in his arms that “choosing me is the most correct decision in your life.” This is the romance from straight men, and the straight men reveal a steady and rational temperament.

The highest state of a straight man is-I know everything, but I have to pretend not to understand. I can spoil you and love you, but you can’t cry without reason.

The last sentence: In a benign relationship between husband and wife, a man can live both as his wife’s “dad” and her “stupid boy”. A woman can not only live as a husband’s “daughter”, but also release her own motherhood.

Growing up with each other, sharing responsibilities, admiring and praising each other, and living soberly in a “confused” marriage, can such feelings flow in a true sense.


by Abdullah Sam
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