Girls are cold? 6 ways to identify girls’ disinterest signals!

There are tens of thousands of couples, half of which are licking dogs.

Instructor Deyu saw the most outrageous case of dog licking when he was in college ten years ago, when everyone was basically chatting on QQ.

There is a boy in my dormitory next door, let’s call him Fatty Chen. He looks plain, and his biggest hobby is pulling the curtains and playing World of Warcraft in the dorm.

Generally speaking, it is difficult for boys like this to have a relationship, but Fatty Chen is not.

He spends a lot of time talking with his “girlfriend” every day-from what he ate for lunch today to when the classmates in the first few rows didn’t listen carefully, knew everything, and occasionally mixed a few words of local love and a few pictures. Self-portraits with low pixels.

Sometimes those of us who are good deeds come to see his chat with a smile, and he doesn’t avoid it.

But the most outrageous thing is not his intricate “love words”, but the girl opposite has never! No! Reply to him!

Later, we found out that after talking to him for a short time in high school, this girl discovered that she was too strange, so she broke up.

But almost two years have passed, and Fatty Chen still talks to himself that the two are still in love.

We were shocked when we learned the truth, and Fatty Chen became an eternal memory in our hearts because of his shocking “chat”.

Every time I teach students not to be too low in their interactions with girls, I will use him as an example.

After talking about other people’s interesting things, let’s talk about how to change our dog licking behavior-learn to recognize girls’ disinterest signals.

First of all, the most common is the uninteresting signal in chat, there are the following six types:

1. I often ignore you all day long

Many boys can easily find various reasons to comfort themselves when they do not respond to girls:

“Is she too busy to reply to me?”

“Did she lose her phone?”

“Is she with other boys?”

But the truth is often simple and cruel-you are not important to him, optional, and may even find you annoying.

2. You open or end the topic every time

Although boys should take the initiative, they should not take the initiative every time.

If a girl really likes you, she must at least take the initiative to chat with you occasionally.

In the same way, boys don’t have to take on the role of ending the topic all the time. Just put down your phone when you don’t want to chat.

3. Girls rarely actively provide topics when chatting

The most frequently asked question in the emotional questionnaire is: “Why do you feel that it is difficult to chat with girls?”

This kind of look at the chat records will reveal that it is boys who keep providing topics, while girls’ responses are very dry.

The essence of chat is the process of two people exchanging information. They are interdependent, and chat in which only one party adds fuel. It’s like walking with only the left foot-there is no way to go well.

4. Only find you when you need your help

Recently, I found that the word “tool man” appeared more and more on Weibo, Tieba, and Zhihu.

Countless people have learned through communication that not only they have been a “tool person” in the relationship between the sexes:

The girl’s computer is broken, come to help me fix it;

Help girls review before the final exam;

Come and carry your luggage when you move…

But often girls will not choose a partner among these tools, just as a labor force-even free.

5. Rarely cover up in front of you

If a girl will tell you a lot of her bad flaws or experiences in front of you, then she probably didn’t regard you as a potential partner.

If she is really tempted by you, the other party will often behave very reserved, at least not without words.

If she often talks about her shortcomings, or talks about other boys she likes, it means she is suggesting that you give up sooner.

6. I always tell you that you are busy when you are invited

In fact, most of the time girls are not busy at all. They spend a considerable part of their time in bed blowing air conditioning, eating snacks, and watching tablets.

She said that she was busy just looking for an excuse to refuse your invitation-and it was still a perfunctory excuse.

Either you verbally agreed to your invitation, and the result was delayed again and again; or after about half a year, you finally agreed, and you released your pigeon ten minutes before the date.

Signs of disinterest in dating:

1. Body language is alert

Language can be disguised, but unconscious actions are difficult to disguise.

If the woman does not dislike you, her overall actions during the date will be more soothing and natural, and the girl is even willing to approach you actively;

Conversely, if a girl is not interested in you, her body will tend to be conservative and avoid being close to you.

2. Attention is not on you when dating

It is very impolite to keep looking at the phone screen even when talking about customers at work, or when meeting with friends and relatives, let alone dating potential partners.

So when some male compatriots are dating, it’s really sad to see the other person looking for the topic when he is playing with his mobile phone and looking down. The correct way at this time is to make the other person aware of your unhappiness.

Of course, sometimes girls still have a good impression of you, but there may be some things that need to be handled on the phone. At this time, it is good to express your understanding;

And if the appointment process is longer, you also need to set aside private time to process the mobile phone information separately.

3. Don’t pay attention to your image when meeting you

“Women are the ones who please themselves.” Many girls may have to put on light makeup even when they go downstairs to buy a bottle of water.

Because they have kept their time delicate in their bones, so that they don’t have the situation that they meet the destiny in the corner of the corridor in their pajamas.

Keeping the best shape at all times is the creed of many girls.

So, if a girl doesn’t dress up when she is dating you, or dresses casually, the reason is that she doesn’t take you seriously.

The above are the most common signs that girls are not interested in you in chat and dating.

It is not enough to just recognize these signals. We have to learn how to deal with these signals appropriately.

Generally speaking, there are several reasons why the other person is indifferent to you during chat and dating:

First, lack of personal attractiveness.

At this time, the best way is to learn how to display your own value reasonably. Generally, we achieve this goal through chat and presentation.

Many boys have their own value, but they will not show or show too low-end methods, which will give girls a very bad impression.

In addition, if the value difference is too far, then the first thing to consider is how to improve yourself.

Second, the experience level is too far away from the opponent.

We often encounter such boys in our lives. Their careers are good, but their emotional experiences are almost zero.

This kind of boy struggles to interact with girls whose value is much lower than their own, let alone girls whose value is similar to their own.

Therefore, this part of the boys should start with the mobs, accumulate experience points, and avoid skipping the monsters.

Third, personal value is much higher than the opposite.

Many people may wonder: “Why is it wrong to have high value?”

Think about it in another way. If you are a very ordinary girl, at this time a tall, handsome and rich person suddenly appears to tease you, your first reaction will feel that the matter is abnormal, and the other party may have bad intentions.

Therefore, when facing girls whose value is not as good as their own, they need to show their availability properly and not to appear to be superior.

Fourth, the other party already has someone he likes.

Human attention and time are limited.

If a girl puts most of her energy on someone else, it will be difficult for the other person to notice you in a short time.

The principle at this time is not to let the relationship cool down too much, maintain the relationship of good friends, try to find opportunities for coexistence in life, and wait for the right time.

Fifth, the sudden time has caused the other party to be in poor mood recently.

Mentor Deyu talked to a girl before, and when she started chatting, the other person was in a good mood, but one day the girl suddenly stopped paying attention to me.

I learned from her friend a long time later that the girl’s parents were divorcing during that time, and naturally the girl didn’t have the mind to chat with other people.

Many times, the relationship between men and women is only a small part of life, and many unexpected accidents can affect this relationship.

So when we interact with girls, we try to get into each other’s circle as much as possible, so that we can understand some special circumstances in time and have greater control over the relationship between the two.

The above are the most common manifestations of girls who are not interested in you when we chat and date with girls, and how we should respond to these manifestations.

Xiaoyu Love has always been committed to promoting equality in the relationship between the sexes and creating a better experience for each other; instead of one being above the top and the other being extremely humble.

We have to stand up psychologically before we can gain a foothold in love.

I hope that after reading this article, readers will learn to recognize the signals of interest from girls in chat and dating, and screen out the girls who are really interested in them, instead of wasting time on emotional vampires.


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