How to gain more followers on Twitter

We know that there are many social networks today and through them we can communicate any type of information to our followers and friends. Twitter  is a platform that houses a large number of followers in the world. But by joining her we don’t know what we can do to  gain more followers on Twitter quickly .

This may be the biggest problem users face when  creating a Twitter account , how to get followers. And in this article we will tell you what to do to make this task easier than you think. They are some tricks that will allow you to increase the number of followers in a very short period of time , let’s see what to do then.

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  1. What is the way to define thematic objectives on Twitter?
  2. How to grow Twitter followers for free?
    1. Create a striking profile according to your chosen theme
    2. Verify your Twitter account
    3. Keep an active and updated profile
    4. Tweet quality content and according to trends
    5. Post visual content
    6. Retweet content from other accounts
    7. Interact with your followers and other accounts
    8. Use hashtags in your tweets
    9. Identify the most frequent times to tweet
    10. Seek support in accounts of friends or acquaintances
    11. Share your content on other social networks
    12. Schedule your posts on Twitter
    13. Post guest post
    14. Support Followback
    15. Follow accounts with few followers
    16. Include your account name in your email signature
    17. Mass mailing to your email contacts
    18. Tweets with a good cause
    19. Use trending topics
    20. Hold Twitter events to ‘Devirtualize’
    21. Participate in live chats
    22. Create contests
  3. What are the mistakes made on Twitter?
    1. Quarreling with the people on Twitter
    2. To be believed and contemptuous
    3. Post the same tweets many times
    4. Plagiarize hashtags
    5. Overexploiting the use of hashtags in a tweet
  4. What are the analytical metrics to get more followers?
    1. Impact over time
    2. Evaluate the engagement rate and clicks
    3. Learn the interests of the public
    4. Locate the region and country of the audience
    5. Compare your followers
  5. What alternatives exist to gain more followers?
    1. Twitter Ads
    2. Owlead
    3. Twitterfeed
    4. Tweepi
  6. Why is it not advisable to buy followers?

What is the way to define thematic objectives on Twitter?

One of the basic strategies that will allow you not only to get followers quickly, but for them to be interested in the content you upload to the social network. It is by means of  establishing or defining a thematic niche . Therefore, it is very important that you can define what type of audience you want to attract and especially that your profile attracts attention in an original way.

In general, it is to attract people who are looking for specific content or who have similar ideas. Therefore, if you get to define clearly and precisely what you offer , these followers will arrive like a bee to a flower. Getting people who feel identified with your content will allow you to increase the number of followers in a matter of weeks.

How to grow Twitter followers for free?

It is thought that in order to have a large number of followers it is necessary that you be a famous person or that you must invest a lot of money, but that is not the case. Here we will offer you some tips that if you apply them well will allow you to grow in this social network without investing anything , just your time.

Create a striking profile according to your chosen theme

This first point is crucial, having an eye-catching profile and that at first glance can offer future followers data on what your topic is. Focus on using all the necessary tools to achieve an impact profile . Use a striking image, sell yourself in the presentation and it is very likely that only with that they will follow you.

Verify your Twitter account

Another point of great importance and that can be the difference between having followers or not, is to  verify your Twitter account . Take some time to comply with this security requirement, this way your future followers will know that it is a real account and not a fake account.

Keep an active and updated profile

If you create an account on Twitter and don’t use it often or don’t post current content, this may be a possible cause that prevents you from quickly gaining followers. Stay updated with everything  that has to do with your theme. And it’s always active, use your account every day and often.

Tweet quality content and according to trends

If the content you upload from your Twitter account lacks quality, you will be irretrievably doomed to failure. As for wanting to get more followers, remember that people are looking for information and content that has value  and that is in line with the trend that is setting the tone today.

Post visual content

There is a maxim that says that an image says more than a thousand words, the resource of uploading images or videos will greatly benefit your account. Therefore, use it daily, although you should not overdo it with this resource. But if you are always uploading photos, images, videos  and not just messages or Retweets, it will get you a lot of followers in no time.

Retweet content from other accounts

A sure way to gain followers on Twitter is  by Retweeting posts made by people who don’t follow you. Retweeting content from other accounts will ensure that other people you don’t know follow you.

Interact with your followers and other accounts

Searching for followers just to increase your list is not usually a good strategy and can represent the loss of that follower. There is nothing more striking in this social network than the interaction between followers . Making mentions, Retweeting content from your followers or other accounts and even contributing ideas or suggestions are very welcome.

Use hashtags in your tweets

Another very useful tool that you cannot miss to gain new followers is undoubtedly the hashtags. To use it in a way that gives you greater visibility, use the hashtags that are trending for you . Or those that are most used according to your thematic line. Remember to always write a Tweet that has content and can be searched by thousands of people.

Identify the most frequent times to tweet

It is very likely that you are totally unaware that  there are specific times where people can Tweet . Since at those times there are a greater number of people connected to the social network. Therefore, it can be established that it is preferable to Tweet, although it is not a rule, between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., after 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and finally between 11 p.m. and 12 p.m.

Seek support in accounts of friends or acquaintances

It is very unlikely that today there are people who do not know what Twitter is or have an account . Therefore, talk to friends and acquaintances who use this social network or those who for some reason do not use it, encourage them to do so. And  for these people to follow you , as well as their friends and acquaintances, this can be a source of many followers.

Share your content on other social networks

What can help a lot for your followers to increase at an impressive speed is the fact that you rely on other social networks. And even use your presence, if you have it on your page, blog or YouTube channel. And from those means  share the content that you upload to Twitter , do not stop using this strategy.

Schedule your posts on Twitter

Twitter is a social network that also offers you very useful tools that will help you gain new followers in a short time. And it is about  automating or scheduling your post , which will connect you with sources that provide quality content and this through the RSS feed. At first it will be hard, since if you have almost no followers, its effectiveness is low, but when you increase your list of followers, its effectiveness will skyrocket.

Post guest post

There are so  called  guest-post or guest post  where it will allow you to talk about a specific topic. If your post is of good quality and you use blogs that have high user traffic, it is possible that you will get a large number of followers. Of course it is necessary that you place a link to your Twitter account, an effective option that will make you grow in the short term.

Support Followback

One of the methods that is used the most and for a long time is Followback, which consists of following those followers who follow you . Although many people may question this type of technique, since the people who follow you may not read or interact with you.

But there is no doubt that Followback can help you generate many followers in a matter of days So do not stop using this method that can have many detractors, but its unquestionable effectiveness in a short time cannot be denied.

Follow accounts with few followers

We can find many users who, like you, are just starting out and therefore have a very low number of followers. So it is not a questionable strategy to follow those accounts with few followers . It is an action that goes beyond being generous, simply those people who have your support will also help you by following you.

Include your account name in your email signature

There is nothing more professional and that can generate more interest for your account than  adding a signature to your Twitter account in your email . It will be a very effective way to gain followers and the best of all is whenever you send an email from now on, it will have this signature.

Mass mailing to your email contacts

We have already commented, the presence of Twitter is currently greater and there are high probabilities that your email contacts are using this social network. Therefore, one method that you can apply is to do mass mailing . To do this, you must send an email to each of these people inferring that it would be very good to maintain a closer contact through Twitter.

But remember that if you are going to use this resource and you are going to send  a large number of emails. Do it from the Bcc field, in this way you will not have problems with your email account in the aspect of data protection.

Tweets with a good cause

Social networks are a widely used means of asking for  help for other people or for charitable causes and Twitter is no exception. And in this sense, if you use this tool in a natural and real way, it is not perceived as a form of deception. It can generate new followers very quickly.

Use trending topics

A resource that you can use  to get followers is the trending topics , which are nothing more than the keywords that are used in the social network at a certain time. To use it, you should only look for those hashtags that are identified or that may be related to the theme of your niche.

Hold Twitter events to ‘Devirtualize’

You can be a person who offers his followers l a chance to exit the screen and can desvirtualizarte . Today it is possible to hold events of this type, where you can have a closer encounter with your followers. It is also an excellent strategy to get new followers on this famous social network.

Participate in live chats

Another method very similar to the previous one, where your possible followers can meet you and know that you are a real person. It is  through the participation of live chats , that your account is not simply a photo and you can interact in person, it is a very useful resource that you can use and it will help you gain a presence on Twitter.

Create contests

Running contests on Twitter can be a strategy that gives you excellent results to get followers. Since by meeting certain requirements including following your account, users will receive a prize or incentive. Of course, for this method to work, you must offer them a reward that really grabs their attention.

What are the mistakes made on Twitter?

On the other hand, we can find some errors that users frequently make and that instead of helping them get new followers, sinks them into a well from which it is very difficult for them to get out. So, consider these interesting tips on what not to do on Twitter .

Quarreling with the people on Twitter

In short, one of the behaviors that you should avoid at all costs in this social network is undoubtedly the fact of  fighting or quarreling with other users . The most appropriate thing is to get along with everyone, do not get into polemics or situations where people can judge you. Much less make comments where you can win many enemies.

To be believed and contemptuous

The idea to gain followers on Twitter is that you are a charming person, that you like them and have positive comments. Therefore, it is a very serious mistake to believe yourself the greatest among the greats even if you are. And treat other users with a derogatory tone, without showing interest or importance to what other users publish or post.

Post the same tweets many times

If you think that posting the same tweets many times will help you get more followers, let me tell you that you are wrong. Since it is proven that only a very small part of your followers will see your comment. Therefore, just make it a goal to repeat a tweet 2 or 3 times, but of course it has valuable content.

Plagiarize hashtags

The question here is to gain followers and plagiarizing hashtags you will not achieve it and what can happen here is that the opposite happens to you. Especially if you use those that you do not know what they are talking about or what it represents.

Overexploiting the use of hashtags in a tweet

Although using hashtag is a highly recommended strategy to get new followers , it is necessary that you know how to use them in your tweets. Its repetitive use in the same tweet can generate rejection in potential followers and is not what is expected if you want to grow on Twitter.

What are the analytical metrics to get more followers?

Social networks allow us to make a specific analysis of the positive or negative impact produced by the content we upload. On Twitter, we can apply certain analytical metrics that help us identify those strategies that work and are the most useful to get new followers, let’s see which ones we refer to.

Impact over time

Being able to know how your tweet impact over a period of time is important, so you will know the number of followers obtained by that tweet. If it is good, follow that same line, but if it does not offer you the results you expect, you should try something else. You can also obtain this data for a period of 24 hours, a week, a month, etc.

Evaluate the engagement rate and clicks

There is a very important piece of information that you must take into account to evaluate the quality of your tweets, this is the number of interactions they achieve and the clicks . In this way you can know what direction to take, whether to continue doing what you have done so far, or completely change your format, add videos or that content that adds value to your tweets.

Learn the interests of the public

Being able to plan an adequate strategy that allows you to get followers on Twitter, you can begin to know what the public’s interests are . Once you locate what catches the attention of users, exploit it to the fullest. Upload meaningful content for this audience, give them interesting, entertaining information and you will see how they will begin to follow you.

Locate the region and country of the audience

Another interesting piece of information that you can obtain through the metrics is the audience and in what region or country they are located . In this way you will have a detailed analysis of different important aspects, such as your gender, marital status, occupation, interests. And in this way apply the best strategy to address them with your tweets.

Compare your followers

Being able to have comparative data of your followers is an excellent strategy that you can use to your advantage to gain more followers on Twitter. In this way you will be able to meet those followers who are most influential. Or know the Followers that most interest users, this type of metric can offer you a lot of information, you can even know who and how many people saw my tweet .

What alternatives exist to gain more followers?

If the options that we have offered you so far do not seem enough to you to get new followers. The social network allows you to use other alternatives or tools that you should take into account if you want the number of followers of your account to increase . Let’s see then what are these other options that Twitter provides you.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads can be an alternative that increases your number of followers to unsuspected levels, thanks to the different ad options it offers you. Of course, you will have to cancel a payment for this service and your account will be promoted or suggested to people who have interests similar to yours and this will be done in different ways including the search options.


There is no better tool to help you gain followers on Twitter without having to do anything more than download this App. And the application in question is Owlead and with it you will be able to get followers of real accounts in a short time.

In addition, this platform offers you data about your followers, something that can be very valuable to you. Although enjoying this service has a cost, since it is not free, but it can be very accessible.


As we have already mentioned, what helps an account to gain followers is that it uploads quality content. But there is a tool that will automatically help you create content and it is Twitterfeed.

What you will need is to take the feed from a page and without major problem it will create automatic content. But you must be extremely careful that this feed is of quality and thus we will get Retweet by our followers.


One last tool that we will recommend and that will help you to get more followers on Twitter is Tweepi. It is an extension that you can download from the Google Chrome browser. And basically once you enter you must follow all the people that Tweepi allows you to be 1000 people per day and then you must wait for these people to follow you back.

Why is it not advisable to buy followers?

It is a big mistake to want to have more followers if you are anxious to buy them, since it is an impractical alternative. And this for a simple reason, the followers you buy are essentially how many fake and in the end what you will get in a fake popularity.

Since you can have a large number of followers in this way, but they will  not contribute anything to your community . There will not be such an important interaction in social networks that will really help you grow, so do not get carried away by this option.


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