The ex can’t let go of your performance, these performances prove that the other party still has you

People are nostalgic, so after a breakup, many people will be unable to let go of the other party. In this case, it is very possible to redeem. What is the performance of your ex who can’t let go?

1. Ask if you can still be friends after breaking up, or if you often approach you under the name of “friends” after breaking up, you know what it means-to be friends after breaking up, can you not make friends in real life? Do you have to be friends with your ex?

2. I have a good life. I have to talk to my ex who has nothing to do with me. I am either an orphan with autism in real life, or I can’t let you go.

3. In the middle of the night, I have to hold you back to talk about emotions, and talk to the person who finally settled in “I haven’t been in love until now”, so I don’t need to say more about what I want to do.

4. You can find a mutual friend to spy on this person’s attitude towards you: deliberately talk about your name and the things you are together, and watch this person’s performance-immediately look serious and don’t want to discuss this matter, and one When I hear your name, I am excited to hold the other person and talk non-stop, but I can’t let you go.

5. In the same way, if a friend next to you suddenly chats with you about your ex, then your friend is probably an “inner ghost”.

6. People who haven’t been in love for a long time after breaking up, or who have been in love but are very short-lived, most of them can’t forget you.

7. Of course, after the breakup, if the speed of light is out of the order, if it is determined that the person is not derailed in the relationship before, the seamless connection is probably because you can’t forget you-quite a lot of people will be after the breakup Because I want to quickly get rid of the emotional injury, I start a relationship blindly.

8. After breaking up, I will show off in my circle of friends how good life is now and how successful I am after breaking up. Perhaps most of the circle of friends is only visible to you-some people will not forget their ex after breaking up.

9. If your predecessor often posts some places you have been to in the circle of friends, or the photos you send him before, or share some songs that you often listen to in the past, most of you can’t let go of your plan to save you.

10. If your ex has changed well after breaking up, and he took the initiative to invite you to have a meal and meet, then most of the person has already started to save you because he can’t let go of you-because in the process of saving, he usually changes himself first , Attract the other party, and then trigger the person’s curiosity about himself by directly meeting, and then start to restore the ex.

11. There is still your predecessor in my heart. Although he may not take the initiative to look for you, but if you take the initiative to look for him, the response and feedback you get is particularly good-if you don’t come to you, it may not be that you don’t like you or forget you, it’s just Because I don’t know your attitude towards him, I dare not approach you.

12. It’s fun to see what this person’s attitude towards your previous feelings is: those who still have grievances against you, most of them have not let go of you; and those who say that the past is over, especially calm people are true Don’t take the previous feelings seriously


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