Burns Mansion cheats and codes

If you’re a big fan of The Simpsons, you probably know about the Burns Mansion, which is the home of Monty, the wealthy and eccentric owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Known for its large, opulent, and somewhat sinister structure, this mansion has been featured not only in many episodes of the show, but in most video games as well.


Created in 2021 by ILW, Burns Mansion is a parody game inspired by the Burns Mansion from the popular animated series The Simpsons. Its gameplay portrays players as a young, newly discovered blood relative of Mr. Burns, tasked with helping save the old man’s fortune and business by any means necessary.


There are many cheat codes in Burns Mansion. So, if you want to get infinite money or unlock execution items, we have a list of all Burns Mansion cheat codes that can help you skip work, collect all images, and more.


List of cheats and codes Burns Mansion 

  • jan2023ilw
  • itsilw1337ha
  • burncheatcode991
  • ilwgamebestha
  • simpocheese1887
  • eazycheatfam887
  • ilwheretoconquer1337
  • ballonpillowtalkyep
  • supportilwgamestocontinue


So, this is a list of all currently active Burns Mansion cheat codes that can be activated right now.


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