How to make soap to clean in Merge Mansion?

The popular Android game Merge Mansion is giving a lot of good things to talk about. The main objective is to restore Maddie’s grandmother’s mansion and if you want to achieve it, you will have to have various tools. Such as paint cans or garage items that are quite useful.

It is possible that you still do not know the correct way to make the soap that will allow you to clean all those spaces in the house in depth. For this reason, today we will explain the steps to follow so you can complete the daily missions. Similarly, this will help you discover new levels with the purpose of completely restoring the mansion.

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  1. What do I need to be able to create my soap in Marge Mansion?
    1. Procedure to make my closet
  2. How can I find my blue boxes with soap ingredients?
    1. How to find the toothpaste?
    2. Where to locate the containers?

What do I need to be able to create my soap in Marge Mansion?

Throughout the game, you will realize that it is required to combine objects in order to make new materials that will guide you to higher levels. That is why you will have to make an effort if you want to get your own soap in Merge Mansion. At the same time, you should know that sometimes it is not so easy to find what you are looking for instantly.

However, the more attempts you make, the luckier you may be and you won’t have to go to the store. Where, you will have to pay a sum of money in order to buy the materials that will help you climb the different levels of the game. Next, we detail the process. Remember that it is valid to search for similar options in the Google Play Store.



Procedure to make my closet

Having a closet in Merge Mansion is very practical. From here, it is feasible to store brooms and other tools basic tools such as soap. To lift the cabinet, you need to find the pieces that come out of the blue boxes. The most important thing here is that you start combining them to climb the ladder.

You will have to start with bolts or screws starting at level 6 . Likewise, you must open the board and press the blue button if you are interested in observing the possible mixes that you have to date. You will see that relevant information about the necessary objects appears.

The platform does not show you certain combinations and for this reason, you will have to resort to the famous chests if you want to find them. In addition to this, some of the objects that are kept in the closet are only won in special events. So keep such things in mind.

How can I find my blue boxes with soap ingredients?

Most of the users who are part of the Merge Mansion community wonder the ideal way to do certain things in order to progress through the levels . That is why, in this section, we tell you how to find the boxes that contain the ingredients to prepare the soap. Thus, it will be valid for you to share your results with the list of friends on Facebook or Twitter.

How to find the toothpaste?

Now, once you get the pieces of the closet, you deserve a special combination of two toothpastes that will allow you to get the soap in Merge Mansion. Keep in mind that it is essential to continue building if you are willing to find new objects inside the mansion.

Likewise, the cleaning tools also appear inside the broom cabinet or in the red boxes. Which, you can buy without problem through the services of the game store.

Where to locate the containers?

Inside the cabinet of elements, you will also get the boats that you require. The drop rate for these is even higher than that of toothpaste. Reason for which, it will be easier for you to find them. Don’t forget that the more cleaning tools you have, the easier it will be to reach higher levels.

For example, in each of the tasks, the Merge Mansion platform will ask you for dusters, mops or wringers. The ones that later, you will use in the areas of the garage , the pool, the garden or the main fortress. The rewards will be accompanied by the number of tasks you execute each day.

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