Subnautica cheat codes and console commands

Looking for Subnautica cheat codes and console commands? We have compiled a list of all cheat codes for unlimited oxygen, healing, and many other useful commands.


Subnautica is one of the best survival adventure games available today, as evidenced by its ever-increasing popularity almost 5 years after its release. This does not mean that the game does not have flaws. Some of the features present in the game unnecessarily complicate the gameplay, while others certainly need tweaking to be useful. Also, there are features that you would expect to see but are nowhere to be found. Needless to say, a fresh coat of paint can definitely be used in the game.

Also, some elements may be too difficult for some users to the point that the game ceases to be interesting. This is where cheat codes come in handy. By using cheat codes, you can access features that are disabled by default. With these cheat codes, you can unlock all the powers, skills, and attributes that no man should have. When you apply these codes, plants suddenly start to grow very fast, locked doors start to open, cars stop using energy, and you always get an unlimited supply of oxygen.


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There are also console commands designed to smooth out bugs and significantly improve the gameplay. With a large catalog to choose from, you can get features such as the ability to teleport to any location, create various items, add items to your inventory, and summon Cyclopes and Aurora.



How to turn on the console?

To enter the world of cheat codes, you first need to enable the command console, which is disabled by default. After starting the game, press the F3 key. A submenu will open in the upper left corner of the screen. Now press the F8 key to release the mouse. Now go ahead and uncheck “Disable Console”. Now press F3 and then F8 again to turn on the console.

Once enabled, all you need to do to access it is to press the ` or ~ (tilde) key located right below the Esc key. This will open a gray box where you can enter your console commands and cheat codes to execute them.

It is important to note that the console may shut down every time you restart the game, and you may need to press the F3 key once to open the menu and then again to close it before the console starts working again.

Xbox players can access the developer console menu by simultaneously pressing X + A + RB + LB once you’re in the game world. You can then enter your desired code in the text box.


Subnautica cheat codes and console commands

  • fastgrow

This cheat code will allow plants to grow very quickly.

  • bobthebuilder

This code is used to add the Habitat Builder, Survival Knife, Scanner and Repair Tool to your inventory.

  • nocost

Allows unlimited use of manufacturer, habitat builder, car bay and more.

  • noenergy

This cheat code is used to disable or enable the power consumption of vehicles, tools and naval bases.

  • nosurvival

This code will disable the need for food and water.

  • oxygen

Provides unlimited oxygen.

  • nitrogen

This code will add the possibility of decompression sickness.

  • invisible

As a result of this cheat code, all creatures will ignore you.

  • Fastbuild

You can create modules with the habitat constructor using this code.

  • Fasthatch

This cheat code will allow you to hatch eggs faster.

  • fastscan

Used to reduce scan time.

  • filterfast

This cheat code is used to reduce water filtration time.

  • radiation

You can turn off the radiation with this cheat code.

  • fixleaks

This cheat will close the Aurora’s radiation leak.

  • unlockdoors

This code is used to unlock all doors, except for doors that will be opened with a laser cutter.

  • cure [range]

This cheat code is used to heal you and all creatures in the specified Kharaa range.

  • infect [range]

This code will infect you and all creatures in the specified range with Kharaa.

  • countdownship

You can start the Aurora countdown timer with this code.

  • explodeship

This cheat will cause the Aurora to explode.

  • restoreship

With this code, you can remove the Aurora explosion.

  • startsunbeamstoryevent

This code will fire the sunburst history event.

  • sunbeamcountdownstart

This code is used to start the sunburst countdown.

  • precursorgunaim

This will complete the solar beam countdown.

  • forcerocketready

This cheat code is used to launch an emergency rocket without disabling the forced quarantine platform.


Subnautica console commands

  • goto [name]

This console command is used to teleport you to a specific location.

  • warp [x] [y] [z]

This command will distort the set of coordinates you provide.

  • warpforward [meters]

This console command is used to move the player forward.

  • warpme

This command teleports you and your vehicle to the last base.

  • spawn

You can use this to respawn nearby if you get stuck in the game.

  • randomstart

This console command will send you to the Life Pod to one of its starting locations.

  • kill

This console command is used to kill you and revive you back in an escape pod.

  • item [item] [number]

This command is used to add a number of items to your inventory.

  • spawn [item] [number]

This command will summon some amount of item or creature in front of the player.

  • clearinventory

You can remove everything from your inventory with this command.

  • sub cyclops

This console command is used to call cyclops.

  • under the aurora

This command will summon Aurora.

  • of pigs

You can create a sea glide path by executing this console command.

  • vehicleupgrades

This command is used to get all common car modules.

  • seamothupgrades

This will give you all Seamoth modules.

  • exosuitupgrades

This command is used to get all Prawn Suit modules.

  • exosuitarms

This console command will give you all the shrimp suit weapons.

  • spawnloot

This command is used to summon Quartz, Copper Ore, Magnesium, Salt Deposit, Gold, and four Metal Items.

  • Madloot

This will add glass, titanium, computer chips, batteries, a survival knife, a habitat constructor, and a scanner to your inventory.

  • resourcesfor [subject]

This console command is used to get the resources needed to craft a specific item.

  • ency [name]

This command unlocks individual or all databank entries.

  • unlock [drawing]

This console command is used to unlock a drawing.

  • unlockall

This command will unlock all blueprints.

  • day

This command is used to set the daytime.

  • night

This command will set the night time.

  • daytimespeed [number]

This console command helps you change the speed of the day/night cycle.

  • speed [number]

This command is used to increase or decrease the speed of the game by specifying it in sybtax.

  • entreset

This console command is used to reload all resources except terrain.

  • game reset

You can load the last save with this command.

  • farplane [#]

This command is used to set the viewing distance in the game.

  • fog

This is a toggle command used to turn fog on or off.

  • freecam

This command switches the free camera.

  • fps

This console command is used to display FPS and other statistics.

  • sizeref

This will create a diver model for you.

  • vsync

This is a toggle command used to enable or disable vsync.


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