Cheats and Codes for GTA: Vice City – The Definitive Edition (PC)

After the release of G rand T heft A uto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition , it became known that despite the change of the engine, the old cheat codes are still working in the game.

Much of the fun in classic “gta” was the shameless use of codes. In honor of this, we are republishing the list of cheats, which at one time was published in our magazine.

You need to enter them directly during the game. The only restriction is that no more than two seconds are given to enter a letter.

Codes for weapons in GTA: Vice City

THUGSTOOLS  – The first set of weapons (standard).

PROFESSIONALTOOLS  – second set of weapons (with katana and guided grenades).

NUTTERTOOLS  – the third set of weapons (with a minigun).

Codes for armor and health in GTA: Vice City

ASPIRINE  – health restoration.


Codes for police “stars” and time in GTA: Vice City

LEAVEMEALONE  – remove police “stars”.

YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE  – add police stars.

LIFEISPASSINGMEBY  – increase the speed of the passage of time.

ONSPEED  – increase walking speed.

BOOOOOORING  – decrease walking speed.

Codes for cars in GTA: Vice City

BIGBANG  – blows up all cars.

WHEELSAREALLINEED  – makes cars invisible (only wheels and steering wheel remain).

COMEFLYWITHME  – flying cars.

GRIPISEVERYTHING  – improves vehicle grip.

PANZER  is a tank.

THELASTRIDE  is a hearse.

ROCKANDROLLCAR  – limousine.

RUBBISHCAR  is a garbage truck.

GETTHEREFAST  is a fast car.


GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST  is the best sports car.

SEAWAYS  – cars can drive on water.

Codes for the weather in GTA: Vice City

APLEASANTDAY  – good weather with a little cloudiness.

ALOVELYDAY  – clear weather.

ABITDRIEG  – cloudy weather.



Codes for NPC behavior in GTA: Vice City

FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT – NPCs will fight each other.

NOBODYLIKESME  – NPCs will attack you.

OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS  – gives out weapons to all NPCs.

HOPINGIRL  – pedestrians are trying to get into your car.

FANNYMAGNET  – the main character becomes a magnet for all women, and they start to fight for him


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