Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Cheat Codes

This guide will teach you how to activate and use the cheats provided in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.



Enable cheats in files

Go to Documents/Mount & Blade II:Bannerlord/Configs/engine_config.txt.
Scroll down until you see “cheat_mode”.
Change the value from “0” to “1”.

You must start a new campaign for this to take effect.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Cheat Codes 

  • CTRL + F5:

AI captures your character in battles

  • CTRL + H:

Restores your health

  • CTRL + Shift + H:

Fully heals your horse

  • CTRL + F3:

Damage yourself

  • CTRL+Space:

Fast forward while waiting on the map

  • CTRL + X :

Gives experience to the selected party member

  • CTRL + X:

Gives you 1000 XP on character screen

  • CTRL + W:

Significantly increases all of your weapon skills.

  • CTRL + X:

In inventory gives you 1000 gold.

  • CTRL + Alt + F4:

Knock down all enemy troops unconscious

  • CTRL + Shift + F4 :

Knocks out all enemies when zoomed in. (holding shift and looking at)

  • CTRL + Shift + F6:

Knocks out all your troops

  • CTRL + F6:

Disable one of your troops

  • CTRL + F4:

Knocks an enemy unconscious after a few taps

  • CTRL + T:

You will see everything except the shelters on the world map

  • CTRL + L:

Level up

  • CTRL+left click:

On the world map, teleports your party to wherever you click

  • CTRL + F9:

Slow motion (press again to turn on or off)

  • CTRL + F11:

Stop time in battle

  • CTRL+left click:

Upgrade all available units to this path


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