What is the browser’s address bar to enter url

Reading guides on the internet after so many words often you find yourself a non-clickable link and the author of the article says that to see what is hidden inside that link it must be pasted inside in the address bar of the browser. But what is a browser? What is the address bar and where is it located ?

The browser  said in elementary words is the one used to connect to the internet (the most famous because it is present on all computers is Internet Explorer). The address bar  is the browser’s search box, therefore an indispensable function because it would be impossible to search for websites without it.


Where is it? Always at the top  regardless of the type of browser used. Look at the image, here, just that white rectangle is the address bar  where the URL is pasted . For example the  full Google URL is:

– http://www.google.it/

but these two abbreviated forms will also be fine:
– www.google.it/
– google.it/

Each site you browse has its own URL , for example that of Scuolissima  is www.scuolissima .com . After pasting the site address you must press the Enter key  or the button immediately after the search box.

In addition, the address bars  are smart because they remember the last visited sites through history and automatically complete the site you were starting to write.

I noticed that on Yahoo Answers one of the most frequently asked questions related to the address bar is its disappearance. In reality the address bar does not disappear , you have simply activated the full screen mode that hides it; it can be activated / deactivated by pressing the F11 key while if you have a laptop instead you must press the Fn + F11 keys .

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