What is the captcha code

Captcha is an acronym for “Completely Automated public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.
The term ” captcha ” defines those modules that contain numbers or letters in a distorted and also blurred way . The purpose of the captcha is to automatically determine whether to make a registration, login, or other action on the internet, is a human being or a bot . This procedure is an insurmountable obstacle for spam software , only a real person will be able to distinguish individual letters or numbers from such an encrypted design.

In truth, it is also difficult for individual users and in fact there are many who complain of not succeeding at the first shot and also the box itself usually has a button to change the code (symbol with arrows to Update) if considered too difficult : it is proof the code depicted in the screenshot which at least for me is incomprehensible since it is cut.

For many it may seem an annoying and useless procedure but put yourself in the shoes of someone who owns a site or blog, through its use the work will be simplified. Just imagine that on my blog, although not famous, an average of 10 spam comments arrived to the day I promptly had to go out. Fortunately, there are also alternatives to the boring captcha code such as denying the possibility of commenting to anonymous users, for this reason you can only comment on Scuolissima via a Google / Gmail account.

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