Automatic captcha code insertion

To combat spam accounts and comments, many sites have adopted the catpcha code in the registration forms and before sending a comment . It is frowned upon by all users not only because it seems like an extra step that can be avoided but also because sometimes it is often impossible to decipher what is written in the image. Furthermore, with each wrong entry, the captcha updates automatically precisely because it is specifically designed to stop all those automatic programs that work on attempts to create problems for website managers through spam and the creation of ghost accounts aimed at finding the server’s weak points for hack it.

If on the one hand it is a fairly effective means of protection, on the other hand it is an obstacle not for everyone because in the end we too succeed in trying but above all for those who have vision problems and cannot effectively distinguish the fonts used for the writings and the various superimpositions of letters and numbers.

Rumola :  is a service offered by the skipinput website that allows you to automatically enter the Captcha code. This service can be activated only by registering the site and is free only for the first 5 captcha codes, after exceeding this limit you have to pay. The cost is relatively low especially for those who can not do without it and is 1-2 $ for 50-200 captcha codes resolved; payment can be made through Paypal or Google Checkout.

Extensions for Google Chrome , Safari are available for this service .



As soon as a captcha code appears, a warning will appear in the bottom right corner and within 10 seconds it will be resolved by their team. You can try the 5 free credits on any site that has the verification before the comments and if you want to save them for other times you can also try to solve them yourself.


In the event that the captcha entered by them is wrong you can send a report for recognition failed.

If instead you use Mozilla Firefox  you can use CaptchaMonster  which is a different site from the one previously reviewed but also to help those who have vision problems, those who suffer from dyslexia but also extends for those who are tired of filling out the form because they are considered hackers . In 8.5 seconds it will provide you with the solution, however it is a bit more expensive since it is a monthly subscription that goes from 3 to 14 $ depending on the chosen plan (Basic, Extended, Professional) which establishes the number of captchable solvable per month. You must register on the site while for all other information you can consult the  FAQ.


I remember that these sites are paid (even if with the test), and even if I usually link free sites I talked about it because many people find it difficult to insert the captcha correctly and get stuck in the registrations and I also believe that they are the only online services that allow to insert the captcha code automatically.


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