How To Change The PIN Code Of Your SIM Card Via Short Code

The PIN code ( Personal Identification Number ) is a four or six digit numerical code that protects various elements, such as a credit card (if you do not know the protective code, you will not be able to operate with it), access to rooms that have protected doors, or the SIM card of a mobile phone or smartphone .

It is that number that we must enter every time we start the phone to unlock the SIM , and that a thief who has stolen our terminal, not knowing it, will be left with two feet of noses by not being able to use it.

Furthermore, on the third incorrect attempt to enter said code, the SIM is automatically blocked, preventing calls from being made until it is unblocked with a second code, the so-called PUK.

The PIN code is assigned to us when we are given the SIM card , and if in some cases it is 0000 or 1234, in many others we are assigned a random one that we may want to change.

This change we can make the change from the mobile configuration , but in some cases – considering that these configuration menus are increasingly overcrowded with options – it can be difficult to find the option.

Similarly, on some older phones (not smartphones), it can be tedious to rummage through the menus.

For both cases, there is a solution: it involves sending a short code with a specific format, which will allow us to change the PIN .

To do this, in the dialer app of  our smartphone or through the keyboard of our mobile, we must type: ** 04 * [THE OLD PIN] * [THE NEW PIN WE WANT] * [REPEAT THE PIN WE WANT] # .

To explain it better, let’s take an example: suppose that so far, the pin we have is 2807, and we want to change it to 6634. The sequence that we should introduce would be the following:


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