How To Quickly Reply To A WhatsApp Message

In WhatsApp we have the functionality of responding directly to a message that another participant in a chat with us, or a group conversation has made . In this response the original message will appear referenced, and below this we can write our response.

In addition, the response will generate a notification on the terminal of the person who has written the original message , warning them precisely that someone has responded to one of their messages.

To respond directly to a message on WhatsApp we have to select it by pressing on it for a long time to select it, and then click on the reply icon that will appear at the top of the application bar , where we also find other icons such as the one allows us to forward the message, mark it with a star or delete it.

However, WhatsApp provides us with another less obvious at first glance way of responding to a message and that, in addition, has the virtue of allowing us to do it quickly and with one hand for greater comfort while we handle the phone as we walk. .

It is as simple as, without having to perform a quick press, just move the message to which we want to reply to the right side of the screen with a quick press . What we have to do is quickly “drag” the message to the right, not even having to reach the right edge of the screen .

replying to a message with a quote from this

What we will achieve by doing this is that in the writing bar the message will be presented to us soon to respond, with the quoting of the original message (its citation) and already prepared to start typing our response.

In this way, and with a quick movement, we will be able to respond much faster to any WhatsApp message that we have received, whether in a personal or group conversation.


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