What Is Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA);How Does It Work

Performing normal searches on Google it may happen that at the bottom of the search results and more precisely above the numbering of the pages also appear unusual writings that refer to an American copyright law that speaks of sites deleted by the search engine because they violated the digital copyright for that keyword (searched word); the original text is as follows:

In response to a complaint received under the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result (s) from this page. If you wish, you can read the DMCA (Digital Copyright Law) complaint that caused the deletion at ChillingEffects.org.

Of this notice, a part is linked: ” you can read the DMCA (Digital Copyright Law) complaint “; if you click on it you will enter the Chillingeffect.org site , created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation which collects all the sites blocked through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, these are mostly File sharing sites .

This is not a problem at all for those who surf the internet who actually get safer browsing but for those who own a site and find it listed because if this happened it means that they have received a report  and the reason is for the copy and paste of texts but above all dissemination of material (such as streaming, download) putonline without permission and even worse for profit.

In the initial part you can also see the domain of the site that requested the blocking of all the sites in the list and you can find it immediately below the wording YOUR COPYRIGHTED WORK .

If you are sure of your innocence or you have remedied the mistake, you can ask for the url to be removed from the list , however I really don’t think that the adjustment times are quick

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