How to enable HTTP / 3 in my Firefox browser Address bar

Although Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers that exist, some people do not like to use it because they think it is very basic or because it is not very secure. Because of things like these, users prefer to use Mozilla Firefox on their cell phones and even on their computer.

One of the best features of Mozilla Firefox is HTTP / 3. With such a function, the browser increases security when browsing the Internet and other things. If you are one of the people who are just getting to know this function and want to activate it, do not stray from here, since we will show you how to activate this mode shortly.

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  1. What is the advantage of enabling HTTP / 3 in a Mozilla Firefox browser?
    1. Short charging time
    2. Doesn’t demand a connection
  2. Why is the HTTP / 3 address bar marked as ‘false’?
  3. What are the steps to activate HTTP / 3 correctly and quickly?
  4. How can you test that HTTP / 3 works correctly in Firefox?

What is the advantage of enabling HTTP / 3 in a Mozilla Firefox browser?

Activating the HTTP / 3 function of the Mozilla Firefox browser brings many extra benefits apart from improving security and privacy when browsing . The other two things that improve greatly are the loading time and that it does not require a connection. Pay attention to what these two things are about:

Short charging time

By activating the HTTP / 3 of your Mozilla Firefox browser, the loading time of the web pages will be much shorter than usual. Regardless of whether your internet connection is fast or slow, once you activate HTTP / 3 the webs will load faster than before. It should be noted that the performance of the computer or the phone will also influence the page load.

So if you have a slow computer or cell phone, it is normal for the page to take a long time to load. However, to boost your cell phone you can delete applications and search for viruses. The same for your computer, you can search if it has programs that you do not use in order to uninstall it and examine it for viruses .

In case you didn’t know, with the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can block advertisements using a few blockers.

Doesn’t demand a connection

To surf the internet using this browser with HTTP / 3 activated, you will not have to be connected to a fast internet service . With 3G internet you will be able to navigate without problems. However, this only applies to page loading, so you shouldn’t expect files to download this fast if your internet connection is slow.

So, always remember that the optimization when activating HTTP / 3 only applies to page loading. On the other hand, you need to know that with Mozilla Firefox there is a way to make backup copies of your profile .

Why is the HTTP / 3 address bar marked as ‘false’?

By default, HTTP / 3 is marked as ‘False’ because web designers leave this peculiar function disabled. When the HTTP / 3 of Mozilla Firefox, is marked in ‘False’ it means that it is completely deactivated and if it is deactivated you would only have to activate it.

If HTTP / 3 is disabled, it means that you will not be able to enjoy greater security when browsing or a short load of the pages. Besides this, Firefox has another wonderful feature which is the creation of other profiles .

Now, leaving all this aside, you need to know how to activate HTTP / 3 if it is marked as ‘False’.

What are the steps to activate HTTP / 3 correctly and quickly?

If the HTTP / 3 of your Firefox is marked in ‘False’, you must go to activate it. To activate this function, all you have to do is follow the instructions below :

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Look for the part where the HTTP / 3 marked as ‘False’ is found
  • When finding the HTTP / 3, just mark it as ‘True’ and reload the page to see if the changes were saved correctly

This is all you have to do to activate HTTP / 3 on your Android and iOS mobile device or on your Windows or Mac computer. In case you don’t like this function at all, you can run the same process mentioned above to so re-mark the HTTP / 3 to ‘False’ and disable it.

How can you test that HTTP / 3 works correctly in Firefox?

When you finish marking HTTP / 3 as ‘True’, that is, when you finish activating it, you have to make sure that it has been activated in order to enjoy the function. To check this kind of thing, all you have to do is reload the browser page and pay attention to the box that marks the HTTP / 3 as ‘False’ or ‘True’.

If you notice that HTTP / 3 remains marked as ‘True’, it means that the browser does not have any problems to activate the function. However, if HTTP / 3 is set to ‘False’ again and you try to mark it to ‘True’ but the changes are not marked, you will have to do two things:

  • Uninstall and install in Firefox (Stop repairing any fault that the browser has)
  • Consult Firefox technical support (To help you solve this fault that the browser has)
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