10 Plugins for learning languages In Firefox Browser Add-ons 

Currently, learning languages, especially English, has become something less than essential. In the case of working with Firefox as a web browser, it is possible that on many occasions we need to access pages that are not in our language and we need to know the meaning of their content. To do this, the Mozilla browser has extensions that will allow us to learn languages ​​or translate any website that we need.

Firefox is a web browser developed by Mozilla and compatible with the installation of add-ons that are responsible for providing it with a greater number of functionalities. To do this, it has its own extension store called Firefox Browser Add-ons . From it we will have access to thousands of extensions that can be useful to us. In this case we will see different options to practice and learn languages ​​or to quickly translate any web page or phrases it contains.

Plugins for learning languages

These add-ons for Firefox will help us learn languages ​​without using textbooks, all in a playful way so that we can really gain knowledge for general development.

LinDuo, learn 1000 English words in a month

We are talking about an add-on for Firefox that allows us to learn 1,000 words in English for free in just one month. To do this, he uses a method of developing both listening and writing skills . It includes colorful images and voice recordings of native speakers that contribute to the effective memorization of words.

His method of memorizing words is based on natural abilities of the brain. To do this, it will suffice to use it for about 15 or 20 minutes a day . Its main drawback is that it does not have an initial test level. This means that if we already have a medium level of English and we are not interested in learning the initials because we already know them, we lose interest. Therefore, it is focused on users with little knowledge of the language.

We can download and install LinDuo from the Mozilla Store .


LinDuo – Learn English for FREE

Developer: Andrew Pearce

Toucan, translate words and phrases into the language we want to learn

This plugin that is added to our browser helps us learn new languages ​​while we surf the Net. It will not be necessary to attend classes, use memory cards or study sessions. We just need to register and use the browser as usual. Every time we visit a website, Toucan takes care of automatically translating those words and phrases on the page into the language we are trying to learn. Thus, we learn words in a new language within the context of our language to make it more comfortable for us.

As we become more fluent, Toucan introduces new words and more complex phrases so that we learn more and increase our level of knowledge. We simply have to select any word or phrase so that Toucan translates them into the language we want to learn. It supports languages ​​like English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, among others. Its main drawback is that, perhaps, it works a little slowly.

Learn languages ​​with Toucan by downloading it from the Mozilla website.


Toucan – Language Learning

Developer: Toucan

Lexios, learn vocabulary through contextualized translations

We are now talking about an extension that aims to help us learn vocabulary while browsing the Internet with little effort. To do this, he performs contextualized translations using spaced repetitions and covering levels from A1 to C1 . We simply have to install the extension and select the language we want to learn, as well as the language we normally use.

Simply by establishing the domain that we think we have of the language that we want to learn and establishing the number of words that we want to appear translated each time we visit a page. It also has a pronunciation function that will help us to listen to the translated words and thus be able to learn their pronunciation. Supports languages ​​to learn such as Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese.

We can download and install Lexios from Firefox Browser Add-ons .



Developer: Nicolas

Read Aloud, learn languages ​​by converting text to audio

It is a complement that is responsible for using a text-to-speech technology with which to convert the text of any web page into audio. That is why we can use it to learn while listening to the articles that interest us since it works with different websites, such as news sites, blogs, universities, etc. It is especially focused on users who prefer to listen to content instead of reading it .

Read Aloud reads aloud and allows us to select between different text-to-speech voices , including those provided natively by our browser and cloud services such as Google Wavenet, Microsoft, and others. We can also configure the reading speed and it can even read PDF files, so it will be of great help to us to learn languages.

We can download Read Aloud for free for Firefox.


text to speech

Developer: LSD Software

Reverse, translate text in up to 15 languages

This tool is going to take care of helping us learn languages ​​by translating while we browse the Internet. To do this, we only have to select the text that we want to translate and let Reverso take care of carrying out the translation in the most precise way possible thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and illustrated with different examples based on multilingual texts extracted from real life.

We can also learn languages ​​while watching our favorite movies since it allows the translation of subtitles from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, among others. It allows us to save our favorite words and expressions, so that we can review them later and thus memorize them. It is capable of translating up to 15 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese, among others.

As drawbacks, it should be noted that it always takes a long time before starting, when in fact it shouldn’t, and some translations may lack context. In addition, although it has a free basic version, to use all its functions well, we will need a premium subscription.

We can test Reverso by installing it from the Mozilla Store .


Reverso – Translation, dictionary

Developer: Reverso.net

Extensions to translate websites

By using these addons for Firefox we will be able to translate web pages to be able to understand their content more easily.

Translate websites, with Google or Yandex

We are talking about an extension that is responsible for translating any page in real time without having to open new tabs. For this, it uses Google or Yandex translators (at our choice) and is compatible with the NoScript extension. We can change the language of the translation and select that it be automatic. It is possible to change the translation engine just by touching the Google Translate icon.

It can be especially useful if we have switched to Firefox from Chrome and we miss this function that is integrated into the Google browser, so it can become an essential tool. Although it is true that everything is perfect since the translation function of the website can be improved and sometimes we find quite a mess in the vocabulary.

We can install this add-on for free from the Mozilla website .


TWP – Translate Web Pages

Developer: Filipe Ps

Google Translate, fast and practical

This extension is characterized by being able to translate texts, words or web pages, using three translation providers (Google, Microsoft Bing, Translator) from more than 90 languages. ImTranslator includes 5 translation apps such as mTranslator, Pop-up Bubble, Inline Translator, Translator and Webpage Translation.

The application also has other tools such as a dictionary or the possibility of passing text to speech. It also offers instant translation of the text that we select or of a web page. It is possible to save the translation history, perform a reverse translation and customize the hotkeys with which to use the different translation tools. Against it, it can be said that it consumes a lot of resources, even when it is not in use and is plagued by donation requests.

We can download it for free from the Firefox Browser Add-ons .


Google Translate, ImTranslator, Dictionary

Developer: Smart Link Corporation

Mate Translate, translates entire pages, words or phrases instantly

This tool will help us to fully master and understand any language , since we will be able to translate words, phrases and documents in more than 100 languages. We will be able to highlight any word or text on a page and translate it instantly, simply by double-clicking with the mouse or pressing its direct access. All this without leaving the page where we are.

Another interesting function is its phonetic transcription function of any word translated into any language in the international phonetic alphabet. That is why it will help us to enter a Chinese character and read it. It is also worth mentioning that it saves all the translations carried out offline so that we can consult them when we need it. In addition, it is possible to create conversation guides, ideal for students, where you can create personal phrasebooks that you can access from any device.

Its main drawback is that it can only translate one language at a time, because if we frequently use switching languages ​​because we don’t know one or two words, it ends up becoming more troublesome than helpful. Download Mate Translate from the Mozilla website.


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