Steps To Uninstall Firefox Browser on Your Computer?

Uninstalling a program has always been a task that can have certain complications , this is because in many cases, the complete uninstallation is not done or the way it should be, in general, there are always remains of that program, that in many cases take up space on your computer and those remains would not be fulfilling any type of function within your computer. To uninstall the Firefox browser, there are various ways and various programs that you can use to completely uninstall the web browser from your computer.


  1.  What are the steps to uninstall Firefox browser on your computer?
    1.  using windows
    2.  with your mac
  2.  Why can’t you successfully uninstall Firefox browser on your computer?
    1.  slow processor
    2.  restart the computer

What are the steps to uninstall Firefox browser on your computer?

In order to completely erase the Firefox web browser completely from your computer, you will need to perform several important steps . Not only should you uninstall the program, because that alone is not enough, there will always be residue left over from the browser on your computer, which you will have to manually remove from your computer, because if you do not remove these folders, they will be occupying an unnecessary station on your computer. computer and without fulfilling any important function. 

using windows

To carry out this process from a computer that contains the Windows operating system, the first thing you should do is close the Firefox browser if you have it open , to do this you must press the three horizontal lines that will appear in the upper right corner of the web browser. There you will see a list of options in which you must press the last option that will say “exit” in this way, you will exit the search engine.

Very good, now you have clicked on the Windows menu, for this press the key that has the Windows logo on your keyboard , being there, click on the option that says “control panel” being there look for the section that says programs , at the bottom of that section, you will see an option that will say “uninstall a program” when pressing there, it will take you to another window where all the programs that you have installed on your computer will appear.

learn how to uninstall firefox

Now, being in the section to uninstall a program, you must look for the Mozilla Firefox program, which will have its characteristic logo, once you have found it, double click on the Firefox program, there you will see a window, which will be the uninstalled program. Remember that before continuing with the procedure, you must have closed the web browser , if you have not yet closed the browser, close it before continuing.

Already in the uninstall window of the program, click on “next” then on the word “uninstall” you must wait for the loading bar to finish completely, after this you click on “finish” there the program will have been uninstalled from your computer, however, there will still be residues of the program, for this you will have to eliminate them manually. 

To delete all the records in memory of Firefox from your computer , go to the computer section on your computer, once you are there, click on the local drive C and look for the folder called “program files” when you open said folder, All the folders of the programs that you have installed on your computer will appear, you should look for the one called “Mozilla Firefox” that is the browser folder, once you have found it, delete that folder, so that all the residues that have been left of the seeker. 

On the other hand, to completely remove personal information from the browser, just like deleting bookmarks and history, you will have to do it manually, but this is a fairly simple process that consists of a few steps. 

perform the correct steps to uninstall the browser on your pc

The first thing you should do is open the Windows menu, being there, write the following command in the search section : %APPDATA% and after having written this command, enter, there will appear several folders among them there will be a call “Mozilla” enters that folder and deletes the folder called Firefox, in this way you can completely remove the Mozilla Firefox browser from your computer with Windows operating system. 

with your mac

To uninstall this browser on your computer with Mac OS operating system, the first thing you should do is close the browser if you have it open, for this, click on the three horizontal lines that will appear in the upper right corner of Firefox, there you will A list of options will appear, you must slide to the bottom, there the option to exit will appear.

After this, go to the applications folder in fider, find the Mozilla Firefox application and drag it to the trash bin , in this way, the Mozilla Firefox web browser will be uninstalled from your computer with Mac OS operating system

Why can’t you successfully uninstall Firefox browser on your computer?

There are some problems that can happen when completely removing the Firefox browser from your computer , problems with your computer, security or that you are skipping some important step of the uninstall process. Remember that to successfully uninstall the web browser from your computer regardless of the operating system you have, you must have the web browser closed .

Find out why you can't successfully uninstall the browser

slow processor

This is one of the main problems of computers with Windows operating system, it happens that the computer becomes saturated when uninstalling the program, for which the uninstall process cannot be successfully completed . If this type of problem happens to you, check the optimal state of your computer, try to maintain it both in software and hardware, since in many cases if the computer is dirty in the hardware, it can overheat and this causes saturation when performing any uninstall process. 

restart the computer

restart the browser so that the browser can be uninstalled

You must take into account that this is an important step for the completion of any uninstall process on your computer, regardless of the operating system you have, try after finishing the entire uninstall process, restart the computer completely , in this way, if there was some process left unfinished, restarting the computer will end all the processes and the computer will adapt to the new changes. 

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