Great Essay About Better To Wear Out Than To Rest Out

Great Essay About Better To Wear Out Than To Rest Out is being expressed in this article.You will find the true meaning of this great quote.

  • In the Parable of the Talents we read that the conduct of the servants who used the talents given by their master was approved of, while the servant who did not use the money but hid it in the ground was severely censured. The lesson taught  in the parable is applicable to our general conduct.
  • We are born with certain powers, capacities and faculties. In the course of time we develop our inborn capacities and acquire new powers. Man is thus a sum-total of inherited and acquired powers.
  • The question is; whether these powers and faculties are to be used or whether they should be allowed to rust without use. These are not ever-lasting, they must decay some day or other. But should they be allowed to decay through natural wear and tear or should they decay unused, unknown, undeveloped? A true soldier would think it dishonourable to allow his sword to rust in its scabbard. Should men-soldiers of God in the field of life-think otherwise?
  • Human powers and faculties are given for use. Hence their purpose is misunderstood if they are not used. A miser is blamed for hoarding money: no better credit should be given to a man who allows his faculties to die in inaction. We praise men who die in harness but have nothing but pity and contempt for the idler.
  • It is in and through actions that life is realised. A man who does not use his faculties can never perform the duties of life.
  • He thus proves himself unlit to enjoy the privileges of life and is ungrateful to God who has endowed him with those powers and faculties.
  • All other evils born of idleness and inaction overpower the man, Sloth, lust, pride, envy, fear and want of self-confidence surround him and the man becomes a moral wreck. Therefore to all great workers nothing is more deplorable than ‘to rust and not to shine in use.

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