Discuss Reading Makes A Full Man Essay In Details

Reading makes a full man is absolutely great quote.Reading is the one of the fundamental learning.if you want to be good writer,you must be a good reader first.we will discuss in the article about importance of reading with reference to above quote.

    • The aim of education is to draw out or develop our faculties. Reading is one of the means by which we educate ourselves; hence reading has the same aim as education, namely development of our faculties.
    • Man is born imperfect and by life long endeavour he tries to perfect himself. Reading the thoughts of great men fill him with nobility and inspiration, and acquaintance with current history, science and literature fits him for the struggle of life.

  • The wider the reading the greater the grasp over truth and the privilege of developing himself. This is why there is so much insistence on reading. Ignorance is dark and it is in darkness that fear, superstition and evil passions have their sway. With the light of knowledge this darkness is dispelled and man is freed from these evil things. This is why it is said, that reading make a full man.

 Reading Makes A Full Man And Its Importance In Our Daily Life

  • But mere reading makes a man theoretical. A bookish man is_ frequently condemned. He cannot often judge the truth or falsity of what he has read in the light of his own intellect. All the possible sides of a problem are not presented. His bias and prejudice stand in the way of true appraisement. The practical application of the lesson he has read is lost on him they remain more or less detached. All these defects are cured if he discusses with other men. The different sides are presented, and the pros and cons are weighed. He is asked to defend or refute and this increases his debating and critical powers.
  • The practical bearing of his reading on life is pointed out. The intellect and judgement of many are often a safer _ guide than individual acumen. Thus conversation with another man turns our bookish knowledge into real and practical knowledge. This is why conference makes us a ready or practical man a good debater, a good critic, a thorough man of the world.But all our reading and conversation will not make us exact if we do not reduce our reading into writing. They will remain hazy, ill-defined and diffused in our mind.
  • It is only when we try to reduce our thoughts into writing that we come to feel how diffused our thoughts are. Writing is meant not only to clean up our own thoughts, but to make it intelligible to others. The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what we mean. This requires precision, reason, a correct ear and a sense of proportion. Because these are much more difficult than mere reading. It is one thing to understand a topic ourselves and another thing to make people understand it. For all these reasons Bacon says, that writing makes an exact man.
  • In order to derive the full benefit from our reading all these processes must be combined. Bacon says, “Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider,” But in order that we may weigh and consider, it is necessary to discuss with others. That will clear up our thoughts. But even then they are not exact as long as they are not put down in writing. This alone gives us precision, proportion and exactitude.

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