Great Article About Speech Is Silver Silence Is Golden

Speech is silver silence is golden is very great proverb. It is simply defined as It is better to remain quiet than speak in many instances.Because Gold is everlasting and silence plays the role of gold in our domestic and public life.

A gold is superior to silver, so silence is more valuable than speech. This may    seem strange and paradoxical when we remember what speech has done for mankind. Human progress owes much to speech. Man’s superiority over other created beings is largely due to his capacity for expressing all kinds of thoughts and emotions.

How is it then that speech which is so divine and mysterious is thought of as inferior? The perversity of man will corrupt the highest entity, not excepting even truth. Therefore there is no wonder that speech would be misused by men .It is the misuse of speech and not speech itself which is condemned in the proverb given above.

Why Speech Is Silver Silence Is Golden, Facts You Must Know

The most glaring example of misuse is verbosity. We often talk too much and   talking too much frequently means talking without sense. An empty vessel sounds much. It is said Words arc like leaves; and where they most abound Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.

A senseless talker or a blabber is often ridiculed and insulted. No one puts any faith in a man who talk much. They often tell lies, make big promises and delude people by false hopes.

Often talking glibly they land into difficulties. Hasty and thoughtless speech has been the ruin of many a man. This is why we have been asked to guard against vain talks.

Life’s energy is limited and if the major portion is spent in talk, very little is left for work. Great men of action have been men of little speech.

For all these reasons speech is Condemned ‘ and silence praised. A silent man can weigh his ideas, can judge the pros and cons and the consequence of his speech. Because he speaks with care and speaks rarely, therefore his speech is weighty and impressive and men trust him. His energies are not frittered away but reserved for belter things.

But this proverb is but a half truth and is therefore not applicable to all situations. What do we think of a man who refused to.say anything when one word from his lips will save a benighted traveller? It is the light of circumstances that we must judge the value of this proverb.

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