Which smartphone is better than iPhone

A new generation of smartphones that surpassed even iPhones – true or myth? Which smartphone is better than the iPhone – we will tell you below in the text. Meet our TOP-5.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 smartphone

When folded, the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 are 159x68x17 mm, and when unfolded, they are 159x128x7 mm. Weight – 282 g. There is memory for 256 or 512 GB, RAM – 12 gig, which is enough for the head. Battery lithium polymer, non-removable, 4500 mAh for two modules. Operating system – Android 10 with update to version 11. Simka – nano sim and e-sim. The smartphone supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Thanks to the foldable screen, the device combines tablet and phone in one, without taking up much space. There is a special Flex Mode, thanks to which you can monitor the bending angle of the display and change the application interface.

With the multi-window operation mode, up to 3 windows can be used. There are two different displays, which changes the rendering of the same application. The toys can work in 3 different versions. The smartphone charges quickly – this is facilitated by 25 watts. There is a wireless 11W.

The main camera is triple plus a front camera. You can take selfies with the main camera thanks to the flexible screen. The cost of a smartphone is about 60 thousand hryvnia.

So, the pros and cons of the device:

Advantages disadvantages
Folding screen There is no mini-jack
Suitable hardware platform One SIM card slot
Two powerful AMOLED displays There is no memory card slot
Assembly of good quality No dust and moisture protection
Powerful camera High price
  Unsuccessful advanced stabilization mode when shooting video

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Smartphone Huawei Mate XS Interstellar

Huawei Mate XC can be expanded into a small square tablet, moreover, it folds with the display outward, being completely closed in a closed form completely surrounded by a film covering that covers a flexible matrix.

Seven reasons why you should choose Huawei mate xc, and not the iPhone 11 Pro max, for example.

  1. The operating system of the Huawei is twice as large – 8 gig, and on the iPhone 4 GB, which allows you to take more photos and videos, download applications, etc.
  2. Upgraded USB Type-C port.
  3. Optical zoom 3x on the camera. Photos can even be saved in RAW format.
  4. There are slots for memory cards up to 256 GB.
  5. You can unlock your phone using your fingerprint.
  6. Possibility to make slow motion at 960 FPS.
  7. Capacious battery – 4500 mAh, which is enough for 17 hours of use. That’s more than the 531mAh iPhone.

The price tag of the Huawei is also decently higher – about 50,000-70,000 hryvnia in comparison with the cost of an iPhone up to 40,000 hryvnia.

Strengths of Huawei Mate XS Interstellar:

  • flexible display that allows you to fold your phone. Thus, the smartphone does not take up much space and is convenient to use;
  • high quality cameras with different lenses: wide angle, telephoto and ultra wide angle;
  • well-tuned OLED-screen, high-quality matrix with good factory calibration.

Disadvantages of the device:

  • there is no Google Mobile Service, which makes it impossible to make contactless payments through Google Pay;
  • shortcomings with PWM (pulse width modulation) due to which the screen starts to burn out;
  • fragile construction, slippery body when folded. If you fall, there is a risk of damaging the display, the replacement of which will require you to pay not a small amount;
  • problems with throttling (a protective mechanism that is triggered when the processor reaches a critical temperature and manifests itself in a sharp drop in the clock frequency). The smartphone starts to fail, it takes a long time to launch applications;
  • there is no mini-jack and protection from dust and moisture;
  • high price.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Smartphone

Samsung has a slim and well-built body. Glass panels made of tempered glass of a new generation allow you to count on good resistance to mechanical damage and traces of use.
A modern processor and large amounts of RAM allow you to achieve impressive performance indicators.

9 reasons why the Samsung model is better than the iPhone 12 Pro max , which practically does not differ in cost:

  • the screen refresh rate is higher – 120 Hz;
  • optical zoom of the camera 5x. Three cameras: wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telemodule with a periscope-type lens;
  • more capacious battery – 813 mAh more than the iPhone, which holds up to 16 hours;
  • modern port YUSB Taip Ts;
  • the maximum screen brightness is 25% higher;
  • modern version of Bluetooth 5.1;
  • there is a slot for a memory card up to 1000 GB to increase the volume;
  • a fingerprint scanner that allows only the owner to unlock the phone;
  • the ability to record video in slow motion at 960 FPS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G advantages .

  1. Good camera, good focal length range.
  2. A functional S Pen that is comfortable to use.
  3. Display AMOLED with a diagonal of 6.9 inches.
  4. Excellent design, from the front and back side of the Samsung is protected by new generation glass.
  5. The maximum version supports 5G.

Cons of a smartphone.

  1. There is no mini-jack, so you won’t be able to connect wired headphones to the device.
  2. There is no autofocus on a wide-angle camera, so sometimes frames are blurry.
  3. There are communication problems.
  4. Not fast charging, mediocre autonomy for such an expensive model.
  5. 120Hz is only available with Full HD resolution.
  6. High price tag – about 42,000 hryvnia.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is available in a variety of colors. The build quality and body material are decent, the phone is protected from both sides by shock-resistant glass, while the back panel has a matte finish.

Why choose Samsung and not the iPhone 12 pro max.

  1. The optical zoom of the camera is 10x.
  2. The display refresh rate is higher – 120 Hz.
  3. Larger battery – 1313 mAh more, fast charging.
  4. Upgraded USB Type-C port.
  5. Better autonomy by 20%.
  6. The modern version of Bluetooth 5.2.
  7. Fingerprint unlocking to protect your smartphone from being hacked.
  8. 23% higher max. display brightness.
  9. The pixel density is 12% higher, the picture is more detailed.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Strengths :

  • high-quality camera with a wide range of focal lengths;
  • video filming in 4K 60p on all glasses, which allows you to shoot high-quality content;
  • Pen C Peng (not included) is easy to use and fits comfortably in your hand;
  • AMOLED display with a diagonal of 6.8 inches is protected from fading;
  • matte back cover looks stylish;
  • a lot of RAM;
  • many wireless capabilities.

Weaknesses of the flagship:

  • the package does not include headphones and charging;
  • no mini-jack and slots for memory cards;
  • large inconvenient sizes;
  • no MST;
  • high price tag – 40 thousand UAH.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone

Samsung hypanul on technology with curved screens. Previously, the phone was transformed into a tablet, now the bend is rotated 90 degrees and the device becomes a clamshell smartphone – similar to those that were in the 2000s.

The 6.7-inch display folds in half so it fits in your back pocket without any problems. Flexibility plays a key role in phone conversations here. Since the microphone can be brought closer to the mouth, it is possible to communicate without problems with hard of hearing or in extreme conditions. On the back is a miniature display the size of a little finger – 1.07 inches. It displays the time and name of the caller. You can take a selfie.

Why is it better to choose Samsung than iPhone 11, for example:

  • the diagonal of the screen is 0.6 inches larger;
  • RAM is twice as large;
  • there is a fingerprint scanner;
  • upgraded USB Type-C port;
  • the pixel density is 30% more;
  • uses faster memory.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip advantages and features .

  1. The smartphone’s accelerometer measures tilt and movement. Thanks to this function, you can change the orientation of the screen, play by tilting the device.
  2. The presence of fingerprint sensors, which allows for secure authorization.
  3. Dust and moisture resistant.
  4. Wireless charging capability, no need to look for an outlet.
  5. Dual SIM card slot.
  6. Fast charging.
  7. The chip of the model – the manufacturer made the so-called clamshell. The large phone folds up and becomes compact.
  8. The case is thin, but it is equipped with impact-resistant glass on both sides of the device.
  9. Optimized software.

Disadvantages of the model.

  1. High price tag – 35-42 thousand hryvnia.
  2. Lack of a 3.5 mm jack, which prevents you from connecting wired headphones.
  3. Does not support micro SD memory cards.
  4. Simple camera.

This article reviewed smartphone models that are better than the acclaimed iPhone. Each mobile phone has its own weaknesses and strengths. Which phone to give preference to is up to you.

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