Why is it better to remove Google Maps from your smartphone?

Due to the many flaws in the Google Maps app, some users feel that it does more harm than good. Here are 5 reasons to remove Google Maps from your phone to think about.

Continuous location tracking

Google Maps usage data is regularly recorded, although this is not a greater privacy threat than regular monitoring of Internet activity by ISPs. This is not the main problem.

Google Maps on a smartphone requires the location to be reported to Google even when the app is not running. Therefore, if the user wants to visit a place without anyone knowing about it, he will have to forcibly interrupt the work of Google Maps or temporarily uninstall the program.

Saving location history

Whereas conventional location tracking stores only limited movements of the user, the timeline function saves much more information. When “location history” is enabled, user movements will be stored in the system for several years.

In the event of a hacked phone or a data leak, the attacker will gain access to all locations and movements of the user.

Saving all user requests

Any user searches are automatically saved to the database. Based on them, targeted advertising is selected that appears in the browser and other applications. Of course, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of advertising, but there is no point in increasing its volume either.

In addition, queries on Google Maps can rarely help a user get useful ads. Instead, the pages in the browser will be flooded with banners that are associated with one fleeting search query in the navigator.

Incorrect routes and inaccurate maps

The huge problem with Google Maps is that they often make mistakes when building a route. Lack of necessary roads, incorrect indication of the building when searching for the desired house – these are not uncommon cases when using Google Maps.

There are cases when users of this application, instead of the destination, drove into a dead end or went on the wrong road, wasted time and came back. Many sparsely populated areas are rarely checked and adjusted, so traveling through them can end in problems.

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