8 reasons not to use your smartphone at home

With the advent of smartphones, the growth of their power and functionality, PCs have somewhat receded into the background, especially when it comes to using the device for work. It is inconvenient to use the gadget as the main device.

Not much harder

A computer appears to users to be a more complex device than a mobile device. But this is only partly true. Any operating system in 2020, be it Windows 10, outdated and unsupported version 7, Linux Mint, or Ubuntu is easy to learn. If you do not strive to understand all the functionality, including unnecessary ones. And try different software, including the one that is not necessary.

Data store

Smartphone storage has become capacious. In the meantime, a 250 gigabyte hard drive or SSD for a PC does not count as large. Unlike telephone data storage. If necessary, install disks with a volume of several terabytes.

With all the popularity of cloud services, it is desirable to store important and valuable on a local disk, at least have a copy.

Data input

The virtual keyboard of the phone is inconvenient for entering large texts. Leads to the desire to reduce the volume of the message. As a result, misunderstandings arise. Suitable for friendly communication, to a lesser extent for situations where it is important that your idea is correctly understood by the interlocutor. The higher the importance of the conversation, the less I would recommend to conduct it in the format of correspondence from the phone.

The likelihood of error when using the touchscreen display is higher than when using mouse and keyboard input.


PC programs are more functional. Professional software is designed primarily for computers.


The OS provides the ability to create separate accounts for each of the family members. The screen is larger and its size depends only on the user. It is more convenient to read and view content together.


Even a 7-inch smartphone is rare and inconvenient for most users as a mobile phone. Computer monitors are noticeably larger. A television set with a diagonal of tens of inches can be used.

No charging needed

The tabletop model is powered by an electrical network. The operating time does not depend on the amount of energy in the battery. The battery is the weakest component of a smartphone. The PC is devoid of this drawback.


Smartphones are fragile devices. Since they are constantly carried with them, there is a high risk of dropping and damage. Both by design and because the desktop computer always stands in one place is much more reliable


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