What free streaming services are better than Pluto TV?

If you prefer streaming platforms over a satellite cable subscription, then you’ve come to the right place. Later we will tell you about free streaming services that are better than Pluto TV today. In this way you will have several alternatives in case you think to eliminate pluto TV.

What Free Streaming Services are Better than Pluto TV? Get to know them

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  1. Free streaming services that are better than Pluto TV
  2. Tubi TV
  3. IMDB TV
  4. Vudu TV

Free streaming services that are better than Pluto TV

In this first section we will show you some free streaming platforms that work better than Pluto TV . You simply have to try to see which one has the best library that suits your personal tastes.

Tubi TV

This free service is very similar to Netflix, as it has approximately 15,000 movies and TV shows for you to enjoy for many hours during the holidays. We can also access Tubi TV through a large number and variety of devices, such as: Roku, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, Cox Contour, Android or iOS mobiles and many more.

The company even recently announced that they had an impressive rise in the middle of last year, as they exceeded 20 million active users per month. In total, this number of users enjoyed almost 100 hours of content per month.

Due to these impressive numbers, Tubi TV will continue to invest to bring much more and better quality content to its user community. If you want to enjoy one of the best free streaming services, then don’t hesitate and join Pluto TV now.

Finally, we must remind you that this platform, being free , only earns income from advertisements. That is, while you are enjoying your favorite shows or movies, you will see some short ads that do not exceed 15 seconds.



The main website that has the best information on celebrities, movies and series recently launched a totally free streaming service so you can enjoy your favorite movies.

Without a doubt, this new platform has one of the best content libraries, which is supported by a large number of advertisements. On IMDB TV you can watch well-known movies from Warner Bros, Sony Pictures or MGM Studios, which attracts many users around the world.

It can be said that IMDB TV has been a free collection of top quality series and movies that will be available to everyone. This is an important innovation, as it will be the first time that titles of this caliber have been legally available on a free streaming platform.

To watch IMDB TV you simply have to access the official IMDB page and there you will have to create an account with the following information: username, email and password.

By completing the registration on the website, you will be able to have access to all the content offered by this platform. You can also watch movies or series from your computer, smartphone or even from the Amazon Prime Video application .

Vudu TV

Finally, we will tell you about the free streaming service offered by Walmart , which presents a more than interesting programming. It is Vudu TV, a video streaming that offers us movies, series, concerts and documentaries completely free of charge.

Currently, the official site of vudu movies has an extensive library of high definition content that we can watch without having to pay a monthly fee, which is an excellent advantage.

The only thing you need to see the content offered by Vudu TV is to register with a gmail account , which will not take you more than 5 minutes. Then you will be able to enjoy all the movies and series it offers from the comfort of your PC or Android or iOS device. You can even access Vudu TV from any video game console.

Undoubtedly, Walmart has formed a large community of users with the launch of Vudu TV, which is an excellent alternative to other platforms, such as Pluto TV and many others.

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