Great Essay About Handsome Is That Handsome Does

Here is Great Essay About Handsome is that handsome does is being discussed.What is handsome fascinates all sorts of men at all times. The saint and the savage alike are charmed by what is beautiful and graceful. So great is the admiration for beauty in this world that some have gone so far as to say that what is handsome or beautiful is also good. In Shakespeare’s Tempest Miranda, charmed with the graceful dignity of Ferdinand exclaims, Nothing foul can exist in such a fair  exterior.

  • But though we all love and admire what is handsome, yet we are not all agreed on what constitutes handsomeness. Many think that those who put on fine dress, speak find language, indulge in fine manners and have blue blood in their veins are handsome. Others hold that those who are graceful or good-looking in their appearances arc alone handsome. But it is nothing but delusion to confine handsomeness to such ephemeral physical or material things.

Facts You Must Know Behind Handsome Is That Handsome Does

  • Many think that those who cherish pious thoughts and beautiful sentiments are handsome, though they never try to translate their thoughts into action. But this world is a hard practical world and life a serious struggle. Therefore theoretical piety, however sincere it may be, will benefit nobody. They will wither away in time.
  • What is handsome is good and what is good is abiding. But our dress, our language, manners, rank physical beauty and . lofty sentiments pass away with death. Therefore they are not abiding.
  • But our deeds survive us and deeply influence those whom we leave behind. Fame or in fame is our lot according as our deeds are noble or ignoble. These noble deeds are more or less abiding.
  • Therefore really handsome is he whose deeds are handsome, we are really admirable when we are morally handsome, handsome in our character and conduct, of which our actions are but the outward expressions.
  • The worth of a man is therefore rightly judged by his deeds attempted and done. For the average man this is the only criterion. Not in wealth, rank or physical beauty, but in our action that our greatness lies. That is why we are advised to ‘act, act in the living present, heart within and God overhead’. This is the only way in which a man of the world can discharge the heavy obligations with which he has come here.
  • We live in deeds and not in years and the success or failure of a life can be determined by taking into account the character and amount of deeds done. One hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name,’ sings the poet and no nobler truth could have been uttered.
  • Hence if we want to make our life noble, dignified and handsome we must do noble deeds, heart within and God overhead striving strenuously but in a perfectly detached manner, should be the ideal of work.
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