Best applications to block applications on our device

Although we know how to put a password on our mobile device, sometimes it is difficult to block access to a specific application such as Facebook on my cell phone , for example, since most mobiles do not have these options. For both iPhone and Android there are some alternatives that will help us solve this problem, that is why this time we will show you how to set a password to any App.

How to Password Any App – Block Apps

Best applications to block applications on our device

As we mentioned earlier, there are some alternatives to set passwords to specific cell phone applications . Since in our mobile we have those applications that we do not want anyone to access without our permission, such as social networks, banks, personal data, among others.

Here we will leave you the best ones depending on your mobile system , where you can put a password to any App.

IPhone apps

  1. Secret Apps Photo Lock: This is one of the best apps that we can recommend, since it has the option of blocking through an access and also, we can save our private data that is stored on our mobile, such as photos, videos, notes or that we want.

It works with pattern, pin and character key, it also has an anti-theft system that allows us to know the location when you want to access our device without our consent.

  1. 1Password: Being one of the most downloaded applications to block applications, it is well known for its good performance and the security methods it offers. This, in addition to blocking any application that we want, also allows us to create different passwords for each application . Thus allowing much more security.
  2. Password Manager: If what you are looking for is something much more secure, there is a Password Manager that will allow us to save files and applications using AES 256-bit military encryption. What makes our information encrypted and protected in this way is usually very useful for personal passwords, data, credit card numbers, among others.

Android apps

  1. AppLock: Surely you have heard of this app, being one of the most downloaded in the Play Store. This allows us to block any application with a password that we create when we install the application. It also allows us to create several profiles and be able to hide photos, videos, files and more.
  1. Privacy Knight: It is usually a very good option to block applications, since it does not bring advertising. It also allows us to use our fingerprint reader and one of its best functions is that if we enter the password incorrectly several times, it will take a photo with the front camera, so we will know who wanted to enter our phone.
  2. Norton App Lock: From the great Norton brand, which on its official page indicates how to download and install Norton App Lock , brings us this excellent tool to lock applications, it is usually very complete and allows us to protect files such as images, audios, files much more. On the other hand, it allows us to use our fingerprint reader, uninstall applications with our password. In addition, it protects us from any virus .

How to put password on our iPhone device

iPhone is usually a bit reserved with this type of configuration, for them we must enter developer mode or other alternatives to be able to block our device. But we have an easy option for iOS 12.

  • We go to the Settings option and then to Time of use
  • We click on the Use code option for “Time of use”
  • Then we enter the password we want to block
  • After this we must click on the upper part and below we will see all the apps that we use most frequently
  • We choose the applications we want to block and press where it says Add limit .
  • After selecting we go to where it says Edit apps and we set a time limit of 1 minute and click on Add and that’s it!

How to put password on our Android device

In the case of Android, it does not allow us the option as in its competition. Here we will have to download an application to be able to block applications with a password on Android devices , in the case of OnePlus mobiles if it allows us to block certain applications. In case you download an application, above we leave you the best options and the process to block is usually very easy.

Finally, we hope that this article has been to your liking and that you have learned how to set a password to any App, however we would like to know. Is there a way to lock apps with password on Android device in an easier way? If so, you can tell us in the comments.


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