5 best alternatives to Dropbox to store our files

Today, storing information in the cloud is already an option that both companies and individuals contemplate and use on a daily basis, so if you have come this far, you may be a user of that system and more specifically you are looking for alternatives to Dropbox. If you are in one of these groups, you will know that using the cloud as a backup for your information may be something that you will not regret in the medium long term, that is why we are going to propose different alternatives to the aforementioned company, so that you are clear about what benefits each contributes.

Storing information in the cloud today is something that is even fashionable and many companies and people have used it to keep that backup copy of their information. Many cloud storage services companies have realized that this goes beyond the private market of companies and therefore they have been concerned with making service packages with prices very accessible to everyday users like you and me. Of course, but always trying to maintain certain levels of security standards that allow the end user, whatever it is, to have the confidence that all their private data will be in the best possible hands.


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Despite the fact that companies such as Google with its almost free cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox, may be the best known and have great power in the cloud market since they monopolize the majority of users of this service, you have to know that there are many alternatives to Dropbox or Google Drive. It is not that they are not the best, they may be within the top 3 in a very easy way but as a user you are interested in knowing the market and deciding, in fact, some other one may have different characteristics that your company is better suited for or that you attract attention for any reason. Therefore, we are going to make a list of the different cloud storage services that we have available at our fingertips so that you can choose which one is best for you or your business.


  • 1 pCloud
  • 2 Mega
  • 3 Cloudme
  • 4 Cozy
  • 5 LiveDrive


pCloud is a cloud storage service that can give you a lot of online storage space in a very safe way. This service has a positive point in its favor, it is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Linux or macOS and it is also available for mobile devices such as Android or iOS.

The storage service it offers ranges from 500GB to 2TB for individuals and also, for private companies, it has an adaptable system for its rate that offers each employee 1TB storage at their entire disposal. With all this, pCLoud is a service that gives you the opportunity to choose the payment fee you want, so that you can pay monthly, annually or even if you want, it offers you a lifetime contract through a single payment. You can enjoy this service for 99 years, therefore, if you are a daily cloud user, this option may be the most profitable for you since for 99 years you will be able to store your files in the pCloud system at no charge.


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If we get to talking about security, pCloud uses a 256-bit encryption service for all the files it stores on its servers, therefore, we are talking that it uses the most advanced encryption today, and that not many companies have this kind of security for your files. If you think that the 256-bit encryption system is not enough, you can add an additional level of security called pCloud Encryption , in such a way that you can have encrypted data on your computer and that it can only be accessed through a password that only you you will know.

As a feature to highlight or specialty of pCloud, we can talk about its versatility. The system has an option that will allow you to install an extension in the browser (for example, Chrome) that will help you with the backup of the information directly from your usual browser, so if you are browsing the Internet and you want to save information as per Example could be images, videos, audios, and even texts, you can save them directly in your cloud without any problem


Mega is one of the best known services in the world  and it will always be remembered for its past in which it served as a server for our downloads of all kinds. Mega is a service now focused on cloud storage and we must take it into account for its simplicity and comfort of use. One of its main virtues or characteristics to be able to become an alternative to dropbox is its amount of storage that it offers for free, since as a Mega user, you can have up to 50GB of storage at no cost. 

Mega allows a very secure storage of information and data and also a fairly simple way to share it since you will only need to share the link of the file you want and that you have uploaded to Mega and that’s it. In addition to this, an extra level of security is usually added since you can put a password to all these download file links that you create. 

In addition to this, what Mega offers you in terms of payment proposal, are 4 monthly payment plans that will increase your storage capacity more than considerably, and above all, your file transfer capacity reaching a maximum of 16TB, a quite high figure even today.


This cloud storage service is originally from Sweden, and it is one of the many alternatives to Dropbox that we currently have on the market and that they can perfectly fulfill. Cloudme offers you a cloud storage that synchronizes files between various devices , something that allows you as a user to be able to share and access the content, either between the users of the service or between people outside the contracted service itself.

In order to pay for the service, it must be said that it does not offer free storage plans in the cloud, but that this service has rates that can be adapted to many types of users. The minimum rates for Cloudme range from € 1 per month or even up to € 10 per year and its storage capacity varies from 10GB to 5TB depending on the rate you have chosen.

The service has two types of rate, a personal one which will offer you storage from 10GB to 500GB and a rate more oriented to private companies that will offer you from 1TB to 5TB of storage , in addition to allowing you to use the service different users and each of them with 10GB of memory available online.

Cloudme, in terms of security, is quite efficient and very safe since they operate with their own data center and above all, their own hardware. They are located in Europe, because as we say it is a Swedish company, therefore, we are sure that they are protected under the strict data protection and privacy laws of the European Union. 


Cozy is a French company that speaks of itself as a digital home for users where they can save their data without fear of losing it. Cozy is basically what we all want for our privacy and security, a secure, decentralized and intelligent storage. A service which allows you to upload absolutely all the information which goes from your invoices, bank accounts to any payment to be made, to a personal space that can be seen from any device you have at hand. 

Cozy is a free storage service forever, the payment that you will have to make is based on acquiring other options such as increasing the storage or making a backup copy of the stored data. Their prices are very affordable and range from € 2.99 to € 9.98 per month. 

Like other services, all data is under European Union legislation and they specifically have all their data in OVH centers.

It is a good alternative to Dropbox if you are looking for free and secure storage or even at a more than affordable price for the private public. 


LiveDrive is a cloud storage service that belongs to the J2 Global company. This service offers online cloud backups along with totally unlimited storage space. In addition to these services, it also offers total synchronization with any mobile device that you have at hand, regardless of the system, Android or iOS.

LiveDrive detects files that are not necessary to be part of that backup and offers you alternatives. In addition, if we talk about security, LiveDrive works with AES 256-bit encryption that offers you more than high security for your files, and as a curiosity, it protects the servers with a georedundancy system, something that makes them protected against natural disasters. 

LiveDrive offers plans that range from € 6.99 per month to € 15 per month that the pro plan would cost, with support for 5 accounts and mobile devices.


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