10 best apps to improve our productivity

The telephone occupies the great time of many people today to be consulted for almost everything, be it a call to a person, send a message, among other tasks. Many are the ones who do it at all hours, causing the expected to not be achieved at work.

It is best to leave the mobile aside during the most productive hours, so it is advisable to use an application to improve attention. Learn about the best apps to improve our productivity , they are all free and quite easy to use on Android.


  • 1 Meyo
  • 2 Todoist
  • 3 Slack
  • 4 Trello
  • 5 Notion
  • 6 Asana
  • 7 Hours – Time Tracking
  • 8 Forest
  • 9 Focus To-Do
  • 10 Brain Focus

Me I

Improving productivity involves having an assistant to work with on a daily basis , all without the need for several tools. Meyo is a personal assistant with which to improve in the workplace, performance will improve thanks to all the options it offers.

Meyo adds outstanding programs of guided exercises, videos, tips, daily challenges, games and a chat in which to share each of our needs. To increase productivity, the application shows various workouts , including improving concentration and memory, all based on meditation.

Thanks to raising self-esteem you can improve in the field of daily work , that is why Meyo is an app that currently uses more than 100,000 people. It reaches a mark of 4.6 out of 5 points, has very good comments and is frequently updated with new news, many of them requested by the community.


Meyo: Emotional Well-being and Personal Development

Developer: Meyo tech

Price: Free +


With Todoist it will be possible to manage group work , resolve pending tasks and gradually add reminders and project due dates. In the panel you can prioritize tasks, collaborate when reviewing work and a strong point, that of integrating tools such as Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Amazon, among others.

It is an application available in different environments, so you will manage everything from your mobile phone, tablets and from a PC with Windows, Mac Os X and Linux. Each project will be saved automatically , being able to access from any of the platforms with a username and password, in addition to giving access to users by invitation.

The Todoist application has a Pro plan with notable improvements for the user, giving them many more options and extra productivity tools. Todoist is an application with very good reviews from the community, currently reaching 10 million downloads.


Todoist: Task list with reminders

Developer: Doist

Price: Free


Slack has long been one of the perfect environments when it comes to organizing teamwork , optimizing our own features and those of the entire staff. The platform allows the creation of groups of people, talk between added contacts and synchronize files between devices.

As it is multiplatform, it can be installed on any device, whether on Android, iOS, Android and also available on Mac Os X. The desktop version is just as adaptable as the mobile version, having a very friendly and easy-to-use environment. time to work on a daily basis.

It integrates quite well with other applications such as Google Drive , Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, among many others available. One of the positive points is being able to edit a document between several people to have it ready as soon as possible, as well as collaborate on several projects. Slack exceeds 10 million downloads.



Developer: Slack Technologies Inc.

Price: Free


With Trello organizing work will be easy to do, performance will be improved and productivity will be increased, all with a 100% configurable plank. The cards play a fundamental role, in them you can add previous information outside, in addition to being able to write information inside them, to contribute more.

Group members can interact with each other, make changes, and communicate quickly and interactively within the platform. As with other applications, Trello is also available via the website, an easy way to access by not having to download any application.

Another option in Trello is to be able to upload photos and videos, and also attach images and clips from services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, among other options. You can reply to comments from Android Wear, as well as working offline on some tasks. It has 4.5 points and 10 million downloads.



Developer: Trello, Inc.

Price: Free


It is an application that over time has become one of the most important , especially because it is collaborative between the chosen network of people. In Notion you can take notes, it is a task and project manager, as well as being a reference wiki for many people.

Each note or project created will become a page, the admin will give the appropriate permissions, inviting those who can edit. The blocks let you add texts, headings and the well-known checklists , add images, videos, files, code and many other things by those who use the app.

Notion allows the download of pages to work offline , share pages and edit together at the same time, this is useful if you want to do a quick project together. The good thing is that the application adds an order by date, as well as by initials if the administrator wants.


Notion – Notes, Tasks, Wikis

Developer: Notion Labs, Inc.

Price: Free


The Asana platform aims at the team work meeting , all in a simple and easy way, ordering all the tasks in the project created by the main user. It works really well when it comes to managing teams, all with invitations to edit uploaded documents.

It is a tool with which to program a goal on work days and is used to organize projects, whether of a small, medium or large company. Asana recommends working together with Google Suite in order to take full advantage of the application.

Asana supports work in a total of 15 teams , fourteen can be designated plus one who must be the administrator, who will give access permissions. The app weighs around 16 megabytes, has been downloaded by a million people and gets a score of 4.5 out of 5 points.


Asana: organize team projects

Developer: Asana, Inc.

Price: Free

Hours – Time Tracking

Control the hours you dedicate to work and assigned tasks to get them done . With Hours Time Tracking you can organize time, improving productivity and any task that is done, be it personal or professional life, being designed for both areas.

Users will be able to choose when to start and end work hours, as well as having task information if attached in notes. Hours – Time Tracking is specialized when it comes to keeping the time of the company’s workforce, for this the employee must have an entry and exit schedule.

It shows a specific site map by Google Maps location , apart from controlling the hours in a faithful way, either for a short or long time job. The application has been getting a good evaluation over time and improving in some aspects requested by the community.


Hours Time Tracking (Hours.fi)

Developer: Touch Media OÜ

Price: Free


It is an app designed to concentrate and not depend so much on the mobile phone, as stated by the developer behind the tool and the people who have tried it. Forest is ideal if you want to ignore the smartphone, paying attention to everyday life and also professional life.

In addition, Forest allows you to plant trees, keep them healthy during the time of use and make the forest grow with concentration, ideal if you want to improve this aspect. It has received many awards from the Play Store , but also from other organizations and one of the best valued by the media.

Forest over time has been updating with important news , many of them are requests from those who use it. The app’s valuation is 4.7 out of 5 points and exceeds 10 million downloads. Perfect for concentrating and putting the phone aside.


Forest Stay Focused

Developer: Seekrtech

Price: Free

Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is designed to use the technique known as Pomodoro , working for an estimated time that will vary depending on the person. The correct one is a job of 25 minutes in a row, then take a short break and go back to work for another set time.

Add a really functional task manager, valid for all kinds of notes, pointing out the work to be done and leaving notes. Focus To-Do is a tool in which everything can be ordered chronologically , for example: Today, tomorrow, next and sometime.

Focus To-Do is a free application available on Android and iOS, although it has a more complete premium version for 9.99 euros in a single payment. The premium app adds more users to access the hosted files, as well as other important extras to consider if you want the full version.


Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Technique + Task Management

Developer: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List – SuperElement Soft

Price: Free

Brain focus

It is one of the most interesting productivity tools next to Focus To-Do. In the interface, you will adjust the breaks for working times, in addition to having a similar operation to the previous one (Focus To-Do) and with a timer for the assigned daily tasks.

Brain Focus has a clear and simple interface, one of the easiest to handle, in which to activate tasks, create different categories and see the completed tasks. It is a free app for Android and iOS mobile platforms , although it has a Pro version for 6.99 euros to have it forever.


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