How do I download everything to SD memory?

One of the biggest drawbacks for those who have cell phones with little storage memory is that low space notice . Understanding this problem it can be convenient to know how to download everything in the SD memory – Install Apps directly to the SD Card and free up memory.

How to Download Everything to SD Memory – Install Apps Directly to SD Card and Free Up Memory

There are many ways to save our data directly in the external memories of our cell phones. In the case of Android, we can use multiple tools , applications and software specifically designed for this purpose. The truth is that it is best to start with simple tasks such as saving songs or music on a micro SD memory , so that the internal space can be used in another way.

How do I download everything to SD memory?

There is something you must understand in relation to Android applications, most of our applications are purchased through the official Google store. Play Store is an exceptional platform, however downloading our applications from here does not allow you to choose many options, such as storage space.

As you may have noticed, when you click on download, the application is installed in the default location , and we cannot modify many aspects of the installation.

The above means that the use of the Play Store will not allow us to install the applications directly on our SD card. You can move some applications from the internal memory to the SD card natively, but not all Apps allow it, although there is also another option for this.

Install directly in the applications on your SD memory

This time we present you with a very useful tool that will allow you to download applications from the Play Store in APK format. Downloading the applications directly in APK format will allow you to install them your way, which in other words also means that you can store them on your SD memory.

We are talking about the Yalp Store , one of the best applications for this task, since you can easily obtain the applications stored in the Play Store. Use this application to install the Apps directly on your SD card.

The truth is that many prefer this method before partitioning a Micro SD memory and linking applications on Android , although the truth is that both options are different and each one is useful in its own way. Finally, read the following information to download all your SD memory.

How to Download Everything to SD Memory – Install Apps Directly to SD Card and Free Up Memory

As we mentioned earlier, this time we will use the Yalp Store application. Through this App you can download the applications that are in the Play Store and transfer them directly to the SD card.

  • The first step is to download the application, to do this, access the following link Download Yalp Store . Look for the green button with the word Download and click on it.
  • After this, the process will begin, which will not take more than a minute, since the application is very light .
  • If you downloaded the application from your PC, it will be necessary to save it on your mobile. Connect your device and pass the APK.
  • Once on your cell phone, locate the application and install it.

Using the app

  • Once you are in the application you will need to provide a Google account. We recommend creating a new account for this purpose. When you have provided the account, you can start downloading the applications directly in APK.
  • Applications in this format will allow you to modify the installation options. Once you run an application, check if there is the option to install in external memory , if so, select it.
  • In this way you can natively install the applications within an SD memory.

Keep in mind that this is just a trick, remember that the applications that require to be inside the internal memory, possibly cannot be installed in the external memory .


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