Previously maybe fellow readers had heard the term Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence is one branch of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines that can work and react like a human being. There are several scope of work owned by Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence, such as, problem solving, learning, planning and speech recognition. Examples of artificial intelligence such as video games, personal virtual assistants such as Siri and Google Now, as well as artificial intelligence related to purchase predictions.


Artificial intelligence in Indonesia is also growing and is very helpful for the businesses of Indonesian entrepreneurs. This is supported by the number of researchers who began to conduct research on Artificial Intelligence and produce artificial intelligence articles and material on artificial intelligence.


One of the scope of Artificial Intelligence is problem solving or problem solving, where this point is very useful in the field of customer service. Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence has opened the minds of many people about how to improve service to customers? or how to improve the quality of service?


What Makes an Artificial Intelligence Presence Important for Customer Service?

There is no denying that in an age filled with simplicity, modernity and technological development as it has now formed customers who have higher expectations than before. Customer service must have a good strategy in helping and serving the needs of the product or service from the customers. Examples of customer service strategies such as, putting together the words of customer service as well as possible and employees in the field of customer service must provide excellent service.


Because customers have high expectations for services, companies must start personalizing their customers. For fellow readers who have called one of the customer service numbers to ask questions or submit a complaint, they must have felt personalization. Examples of personalization here such as customer service employees will ask for your name and recite the names of fellow readers when they are explaining something. In other words, personalization will make customers feel more respected and recognized by their customer service.


Now, Artificial Intelligence becomes very important when companies want to do more detailed personalization in a larger scope. Marketers or marketing will turn to Artificial Intelligence in order to create a much better customer experience. In a sense, customers will feel much more satisfied, more interested and more like the products or services that we offer. According to the website sales force dot com, there are some things we need to know as a reason why Artificial Intelligence has a very important role for customer service?


Artificial Intelligence Facilitates Personalization on a Large Scale

Do you know, colleagues, the facts prove that 84% of customers say that their experience of customer service from a product or service is very important, even as important as the quality of the product or service that a company offers. When we prioritize a satisfying customer experience, we will find out what our customers like more deeply. How? We can rely on Artificial Intelligence by recommending products or services that are appropriate for our customers. Large-scale personalization like this is done on websites, personalized e-mails or with effective customer service interactions .


Large-scale personalization can also be called “Hyper-Personalization”, and hyper-personalization has become a new focal point for companies that care deeply about customer experience and better customer service. In realizing effective hyper-personalization, compact cooperation is also needed between one department and other departments in a company.


Data shows that 78% of customers agree that personalization must be adjusted in all departments and platforms, both online and offline. In other words, Artificial Intelligence has helped us to succeed in personalization on a large scale, now it is just how each employee from each department has a compact coordination about the customer service they provide to consumers.


Anyway, one other important thing that fellow readers need to know is that research conducted by Salesforce has projected that Artificial Intelligence will grow 257% in just two years. Cool, right?!


From the results of this study we can conclude that Artificial Intelligence has become one of the basic needs in the field of marketing (marketing) because of the benefits of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence that can facilitate us in providing the best customer service for consumers.


Artificial Intelligence Facilitates Customer Service Getting Closer to Customers

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, maybe some people will imagine very high because AI or Artificial Intelligence abroad is synonymous with a car that can drive itself or a robot that can talk and help customers to complete their daily work. For example, we don’t need to be tired of sweeping the house anymore because there are robots that can talk and help complete our homework .


Eits! But Artificial Intelligence is not always as complicated as that. There are various other ways how Artificial Intelligence can help us as customers by getting the best customer service quickly and directly . That is, we do not need to spend deep into buying robots and feel the best customer service, but we can feel the help of AI in helping us feel more satisfied with the product or service.


For example, when we shop at e-commerce, Artificial Intelligence can help us to get the best deals in real-time from producers. So, we don’t need to be tired of going to the mall or shopping center to check whether there is a discount or not, because with Artificial Intelligence we can get the best deals quickly.


Another example, when I want to travel somewhere, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide us with effective travel predictions so that we don’t have to bother anymore in determining the direction of the road.


From the explanation and example above, we can see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has circulated around us and helps us to feel more satisfied with the products or services that we use.


Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Personalization and Increases ROI.

Personalization is the golden key to enhancing a greater, more satisfying and certainly better customer experience. When the customer experience and customer service is more satisfying, then the customer will feel more interested and loyal to our products and services. If this condition has occurred, then the return on investment (ROI) or return on investment issued will increase. So, indirectly Artificial Intelligence has provided benefits for both parties, namely customers and companies. The company will achieve a higher ROI and customers will feel more satisfied with the customer service provided.

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