About Artificial Intelligence and Media Companies

Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence is one branch of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that can think or behave like the human brain. Artificial Intelligencehas become a very important part in the history of technology and a very well-known part in the technology industry. Examples of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is very close to our daily lives. For example, the use of maps applications that allow us to predict travel times, traffic jams and so forth. As we know that most of us always mobilize from one place to another, so the benefits of artificial intelligence are very helpful for human survival.


In the history of artificial intelligence, the purpose of artificial intelligence is not only to help improve the quality of customer service, but also to help the company’s industry to improve its competitiveness so that it does not lag behind existing competitors. One company that received a positive impact from the development of artificial intelligence is a media company.


What Form of Contribution does Artificial Intelligence Make to Media Companies? 

Like companies in manufacturing that produce products or goods to sell to consumers, media companies also produce something very meaningful, namely producing or distributing messages or information to consumers. The core scope of work of a media company is to develop, produce and distribute these messages and information to provide education, entertainment or persuasion (inducements) to its consumers.


Although they both produce products, there are several things that can distinguish media companies from other companies. One of them can be seen from the “Nature of Products” attached to media companies.


In essence of products, most media companies produce products (commodities) that cannot last long or what we commonly call perishable commodities. Perishable commodity produced by media companies is information. We know that information is something that is very dynamic, so that it can change over time. Information produced by media companies such as news, entertainment shows, talk shows or motivational messages can persuade people. Although the products produced by media companies vary widely, they are not long-lasting. Yep! This long-lasting nature is indeed a major characteristic of media company products.


The problem is, not only does it not last long, media companies also face enormous challenges and obstacles. Is that? Those who work within a media company must rack their brains and push themselves to continue to think creatively in order to become a leading media company.


These creative ideas aim to compete with new competitors who can get more attention from the audience or the audience from the news, information or events that they create. In other words, media companies must fight on various front lines by fighting streaming services, social media , podcasts, games, smart phone applications, and so on.


The presence of artificial intelligence is like a “breath of fresh air” for businesses that are involved in media companies. To be able to compete well, everything can be determined by how media companies apply data on a large scale, especially in an effort to understand their audience or customers and use these data to open new business opportunities.


Data that can be displayed through Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easier for media companies to increase customer satisfaction through personalization methods, improve content quality, understand the audience better and be more responsive to market changes or consumer behavior.


How to? We can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in making better and wiser decisions on a large scale. As we know that technological development has claimed the market of media companies. For example, the presence of the radio has disrupted the printing business, so people will prefer listening to the radio rather than reading newspapers or magazines. The presence of social media like YouTube also attracts audiences who used to watch shows on television switching to video streaming services or watching news through YouTube.


In the face of this competition, media companies must be able to change the way their business. To change the way business is conducted, media companies must first be able to understand their target customers. Understanding consumers not only knows demographics, but also knows what preferences they have and the reasons behind those preferences.


Artificial Intelligence is the solution that media companies need to change the way they do business. In this case, artificial intelligence can help media companies to process large amounts of data with various categories to be easier to manage. From these data, we will get a variety of new information relating to customer preferences, so that media companies can make business decisions or create new business opportunities that are wiser, effective and appropriate .


In this case, the media company can implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) through one main lens namely, personalization. The following is the explanation.


Using Artificial Intelligence to Personalize Consumer Satisfaction.

We know that consumers in the digital era today really like to buy, use or watch content. Any new content that is very creative will definitely be the main concern for consumers. Well, various content used by consumers indirectly absorbs their personal data. For example, someone who likes watching cooking videos on Youtube also often looks for information about the latest recipes on Facebook. We can conclude that the audience really likes the world of cooking or culinary. On the other hand, media companies that can have this data can create a new artificial offering of the cooking or culinary world to the audience. Thus, media companies remain the right choice for this audience. Even though,


Although the development of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence increasingly amaze humans because it can lighten their work. However, we need to always remember that artificial intelligence will not be able to replace existing human resources. Talented humans are still needed for the advancement of media companies.


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