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Artificial Intelligence Essay.Artificial intelligence ( AI ) and machine learning are fueling more and more platforms and business tools. These automation tools have been widely promoted to relieve workers of “dirty, boring or dangerous” tasks. PwC research estimates that AI will contribute $ 15.7 billion to the global economy by 2030, because it will be the main reason for productivity and innovation gains within companies.

In various categories, it is starting to deliver on its promise. Financial services companies use these technologies in ways ranging from chatbots, which answer customer questions, to AI-based platforms that help prevent fraud and money laundering. In the human resources (HR) industry, AI helps companies check resumes, find talent, and even conduct initial interviews. In addition, purchasing algorithms can help analyze data to make better purchasing decisions. In the healthcare sector, applications range from robotic surgery, to diagnosing various conditions to medical certifications.

But thoughtful planning is required to verify the benefits of AI, says Soumendra Mohanty, executive vice president and chief data officer at LTI, a global IT company. A right corporate implementation of AI can elevate the quality of work by enabling humans to do “higher order jobs”. Everything works best when technology is used in the right way.

AI to help workers, businesses and industries

Instead of replacing workers, AI can be a tool to help employees work better. A call center employee, for example, can get instant information on what the customer needs and get their work done faster. This also applies to companies and industries. In addition to helping existing businesses, AI can create new businesses. And such new jobs include online services for senior citizens, new agricultural systems based on artificial intelligence and computerized monitoring of sales calls. Finally, automation can be used to complete jobs that are not currently covered. As Daugherty noted recently, there is a shortage of 150,000 truckers in the United States at the moment.

Artificial Intelligence and some problems to be solved

It will probably take about ten years to see AI fully embedded in a business context. But while it could be said that there is a lot of time for the transition, on the other hand only a few companies are actually taking steps to train their workers. A second little-noticed problem is that AI systems themselves are built with data and algorithms that don’t reflect the diversity of society.

As for the first problem, research from Accenture shows that business leaders don’t think their workers are ready for the advent of artificial intelligence. In fact, it turns out that only 3% of these are investing in preparation. During a meeting held by Accenture, Fei-Fei Li, associate professor at Stanford University and director of the school’s artificial intelligence laboratory, suggested using artificial intelligence to retrain workers. “I think it’s a really exciting possibility that machine learning itself will help us learn in more effective ways and retrain workers in more effective ways,” he said. “And personally I’d like to see more investments and reflections on this aspect.”

The second problem to be addressed in 2019 is the lack of diversity among the companies that create AI. As several experts have noted, this lack of diversity “is a bias.” Recent MIT research has underscored this point. MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini said she found evidence that facial recognition systems recognize white faces better than black faces. Specifically, the study found that if the photo was of a white man, systems could guess more than 99 percent of the time. But for black women, the percentage is between 20 and 34 percent. Such biases have implications for the use of facial recognition for law enforcement, advertising and hiring. As research shows, artificial intelligence may present itself as a strength for the company, but in reality it is a human invention that reflects the flaws and humanity of its creator. “The effect of AI on the workplace is totally, absolutely under our control,” said Cathy Bessant, head of operations and head of technology, Bank of America.

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