What Is Cannabis light on Instagram

There has been a lot of talk lately about cannabis light . You will have happened to see it around or, in particular, on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Let’s see what it is and how to share content on Instagram without incurring the deletion of the profile.

Cannabis Light

It is obtained from female inflorescences of Cannabis Light Sativa specifically selected as rich in CBD, cannabidiol (non-psychoactive compound that is also used in medical marijuana) and very poor in THC (psychoactive substance contained in normal marijuana and prohibited by law).
It is in fact a non-amazing product, precisely due to the low level of THC which must be less than 0.2%.

Ban and delete Instagram account

Lately, bans to social pages that offer delivery and sale services of cannabis light have been increasing. Let’s see what the ban is and how to try to get around it.


How to understand if your Instagram account has been deleted

If you are unable to log into your account, there are 3 possibilities:

1. Instagram has detected suspicious actions on your account, so your profile may need to reset your password. You will find an email from Instagram support stating that you need to reset your password through the link provided, or simply click on ” I forgot my password ” from the Instagram login panel and follow the instructions.

2. Your account is temporarily banned as you have broken some Instagram rules. It will be easy to understand from the pop-up screen you will see when you try to log in. In this case it will be sufficient to follow the procedure described to try to recover it.

3. If you try to log in and see the message that no user has registered with this name and you cannot reset your password, it means that your account has been permanently deleted and you will never be able to recover it.

The blocking of the Instagram account, the suspension or even the cancellation of the same, can depend on various reasons:

In the Instagram regulation there is a precise clause that indicates how it is not allowed to advertise the offer of services relating to illegal substances or prescription medicines, even if permitted in your area.

Another reason why an Instagram account may have been banned is the improper use of hashtags related to the world of Marijuana, as many profiles in this regard are banned precisely because they are not in line with the Instagram content guidelines. Profiles are banned on a sample basis, so this would explain the other numerous IG pages about Marijuana that are still open.

A final reason for the ban, albeit quite rare, could be due to an Instagram bug. In such situations it is very difficult to reactivate your IG account, as receiving responses from the Customer Service is almost impossible. However, it happens that IG resolves these situations independently, re-enabling the account within a maximum of 7 days (this scenario is still quite rare).

How to avoid account ban again

There are no 100% certain ways to keep your Instagram account safe, but some images – depicting smoke, advertisements for special offers, or items related to the world of Marijuana such as bongs or pipes – should be avoided.
Make sure the images you post align with your branding. If you say your product line is high-end, keep it stylish and don’t post “weed-bud” pictures or memes about the “stoner” culture. Social media platforms are an extension of your brand, so they should be used in order to best represent your brand.

How to prevent the loss of contacts in the event of a ban from Social Media

Collecting email addresses is the best way to prevent loss of contacts following a ban from your Social profiles. Making sure you have activated the newsletter on your website and asking your followers to register is the best way to do this. In addition to sharing updates on your business and industry-relevant stories, an email newsletter is the ideal way to advertise current sales and special offers without worrying about a possible ban on your social profile. Since Facebook and Instagram often close accounts without warning, having a mailing list is crucial for maintaining your contacts and therefore being able to easily replenish accounts when / if they are removed.

To try to get around the problem of the ban or suspension of the account, we can try to change some points of our strategy:

1. Propose an information-based strategy: then publish content that actually has an informative and educational purpose about cannabis.

2. Avoid posts, hashtags or content with the intent to sell or sponsor your service. (The use of Instagram must have the purpose of creating a community interested in a particular subject.)

3. Publish images depicting cannabis plants or cannabis flowers at very low frequency. This is because an Instagram algorithm is able to recognize what is depicted in the picture: a very useful system for aggregating similar contents (e.g. foods, landscapes, etc.) and very useful for IG to check the validity and correctness of the contents. published on the social.

4. Try to publish images that represent hemp but, with writing in the foreground and a blur effect in the background part. The level of blur will need to be sufficient to “evade” the IG control algorithm, but visible enough for users to understand what it is.

5. Publication of products such as hemp-based ointments, creams and biscuits. This is to have content inherent to one’s vision – in our case marijuana and hemp – but less “scandalous” and visible for the Instagram algorithm.

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