How to apply the blue ocean strategy in a company

When a company is born and positioned in a niche market, it lands in a vast ocean of competition. In this universe marked by supply and demand, it is usual to opt for differentiation through cost as an incentive to attract new buyers.

This way of proceeding involves perpetuating a commercial path that can condition the entrepreneur’s motivation and the profitability of the work invested in this purpose. How is it possible to go beyond this image of the competition to expand the options through an alternative plan? It is here that the term blue ocean acquires meaning for itself as a metaphor for innovation and change to do things differently than usual.

As if it were a traffic light that indicates that it is necessary to stop the passage, the red ocean leads to a space of saturated markets in which as a result of this excess of ideas, it is difficult to materialize innovation in the concrete. How to open new doors? The answer can be found in that image of the blue color symbolized in an ocean to discover.

Book reading

How to surprise the public in a globalized universe through an action plan aligned with the philosophy of a blue ocean ? To deepen around this question it is positive that you read the work ” The strategy of the blue ocean  , a work of W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. This title allows you to obtain your own conclusions about one of the most innovative philosophies of the moment in the business world.

Valuable products

Integrate into your catalog of proposals new suggestions marked by an attractive design and its quality. Identify possible unmet needs in a large population sector, to present this idea by listing what are the benefits and advantages that are deduced from its use.

It offers more than just price savings because customers are willing to pay for what they think is really worth it.

Business model

Look at the growth opportunity of an idea that has a high level of scalability in its essence in the specific context in which that scenario is located. To get close to the blue ocean and get away from the red you can start by discarding those saturated niches that attract the attention of many entrepreneurs at first. Multiply your creativity to transcend the obvious because the action of creating can produce the consequence of new markets in motion. Model the example of those entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who have managed to conquer the public through the language of innovation focused on the investment of time and resources.

It involves the team

The positive energy of creativity that flows through the motivation of the blue ocean is more contagious and productive when it grows within a group that walks in the same direction. Find a valuable sense around the work done, specify your business vision and make a realistic action plan.


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